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Comprehensive Guide to Buy Leather Jacket for Men

Author: Kerry Martin
by Kerry Martin
Posted: Apr 13, 2018
leather jacket

A leather jacket is lifetime investment; it’s a style statement which you can pass on to generations. Leather jacket improves as it ages. Looking handsome and buying leather jacket within your budget is art in itself. Here’s the comprehensive guide on how to buy a men’s leather jacket.

Why You Should Choose Leather Jacket


When we talk about the durability of leather it is said that it cost less than any other outfit in your wardrobe. The leather jacket can last for decades with minor bruises and bumps.

Super Protective

The leather is known to be a second skin to the motorcyclist. As it is waterproof and saves you from the wind. You can also wear it during rain because of its waterproof characteristics.

It’s Timeless

Leather jackets and other products made of leather can never go out of style. It is a timeless piece of clothing which everyone despite gender must have in his closet.

Different Styles of Leather Jacket

  • Classic leather jacket style is biker or motorcycle jacket. Original designed has flared collars and wide lapels. The biker jacket is very popular in all age groups.
  • Another style which is also popular is flight or bomber jacket. Its original design was released for Army Pilots during Second World War. It was designed so pilots can comfortably sit for long hours.
  • Next version of biker jacket is rider jacket, it has band snap, front zipper, and zipper pockets.
  • For people who ride a horse, Cattleman jacket is best because this jacket is designed for sitting on horsebacks.
  • Another style which becomes famous after some movie stars wear it in the movie is duster leather jacket. Men’s Black Leather Duster become famous after Laurence Fishburne wore it in Matrix.

Types of Leather

  • Cowhide or steer hide is best and frequently used in leather making. It’s used in the leather jacket because it’s durable and tough.
  • If you want to wear a jacket in warm weather than leather made of deerskin will suits you best. It’s usually orange or yellow tinted.
  • Goatskin has unique pebbled exterior and is lighter in weight as compared to leather made up of deerskin.
  • Leather jackets made of lambskin are silkiest, softest and most luxurious. But leather made from lambskin is not durable as any other leather.
  • Leather made of calfskin has characteristics of both lambskin and cowhide. It has the softness of cowhide and durability of lambskin.

A Jacket that fits you perfectly

The perfect leather jacket should fit like a perfect glove.

  • There ought to be sufficient "play" that it does not squeeze or tie.
  • A leather jacket is supposed to drape close to the body, cozy but not stiff and with room for a sweater beneath.
  • Extra-large jackets do not hang up well and ought to be avoided.

Quality of Leather Jacket

Full Grain

It refers to leather made from the whole skin of the animal, together with the outer layer. It is not changed and retains the usual skin sample of the animal. It also shows normal irregularity like blemishes, scar, and scuff. That occurs throughout the. This gives products made from full grain leather so much plead.

Top Grain

It is most favored for leather jackets. The outer skin is torn from the under layers of full grain leather and curved off to generate a smooth exterior. This outcome in a thinner, pliant, perhaps more relaxed leather.


Stunning topstitching set distant an excellent leather jacket from its cheaper counterpart.


Cheap synthetics are used in jackets that are cheaper. They inhale defectively, and they’re typically the first thing to descend separately eventually. The most excellent eminence leather jackets have split inside layer materials in the body and sleeves, and you will over and over again see a superior excellence insulate material in the body in exacting.


The look for armholes set superior on the jacket. This allows for easiness of movement and an enhanced on the whole on top form. Armholes located extra down on the jacket will bind arm movement.

A wonderful leather jacket improves with time and lasts a generation and further than. You get a hold of what you pay for.

About the Author

Kerry Martin is a digital marketing analyst from Mansfield, TX. Currently she is working for The Leather Makers, a leading custom leather jackets portal in Usa.

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