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6 common things about external chargers

Author: Harsh Vijay
by Harsh Vijay
Posted: Apr 16, 2018
power banks

Power banks have been around for some time now, but still there are a lot of questions that people have and are unclear about. Like how exactly they work or how you can use them in the most beneficial way. So, we have decided to gather all the information and facts about power banks that you might not know about.

What does the power bank capacity mean

There are a lot of different sizes in which power banks are available today, the mAh figure tells us about the total capacity of the batteries. So, simply put the more mAh the power bank has, the larger the energy is.

Can all power banks charge laptops

No, not all power banks have the capacity to charge laptops. Also, most of the power banks that are available in the market only have about 5V USB output and to charge a laptop, the power bank needs to have a much higher voltage output ranging from 16V to 20V depending on the specifications of the individual laptop.

How long does a power bank usually last

The batteries that are used in power banks are lithium-ion, also used in smartphones eventually lose their charge holding capacity over time. The bigger the battery is, the less you will need to charge it and the longer it will last.

Why power banks take so long to charge

Most of the power banks on the market can only be charged with USB, and depending on the capacity of the individual power bank, sometimes charging can take up to 40 hours to get a full charge. For faster charging, you need to get a power bank that has more than 5V input, and these usually require a wall charger.

What is the best and fastest way to charge your phone

Phones use up more power if they are using cellular data while they are being charged, so make sure that your mobile data is turned off. The best way to save energy when charging your phone is to put it in flight mode. This allows you only to charge the battery and not waste the power on any background processes.

Don't fully charge your phone with a power bank

Charging the phone from a lower battery level consumes comparatively less energy than getting it from 80% to 100%. It is highly advised to only charge your phone around 70% with your power bank to save energy.

This concludes the list, so these were the facts that you might have found interesting and will help you to make good use of your power bank in the future. If you are reading this to get the necessary information to buy a power bank, then we highly recommend you to buy one, as power banks today are on most gadgets to buy lists.

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Harsh is a tech- savvy who founded Gadgetslooto in the year 2017 with a motive of delivering quality gadgets all over the India.

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