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What Questions To Answer Before Choosing A Salesforce Consulting Company

Author: William Hills
by William Hills
Posted: Apr 24, 2018

Choosing a right CRM is essential for any company, if the CRM will be chosen wisely, then its performance will be effective and result oriented. Organizations can get a better result and achieve its goal through a properly implemented CRM.

Successful Salesforce implementation may require the assistance of a consulting company, for this, a number of consultancies are available in the market, so you must choose the consultancy wisely and for that, there are certain questions, which you must consider for choosing the consultancy.

Do You Have any In-house Administrator?

You must have a proper in-house administrator would be needed as it cannot be done by any database architect or computer scientist. A certified Salesforce administrator can keep the things more organized and provide the expert guidance as well.

What will you do if Admin Leaves?

Hiring a certified and experienced Salesforce administrator, may not be enough as if he will leave the organization, then crisis may be there in the organization. It is not necessary to find a completely trained and experienced Salesforce administrator, instead find a certified Salesforce consultant, who is experienced in providing the proper service to the organizations like yours.

Who will be your Constituents?

You must know that who will be the key persons, with whom you will deal with? From database, you must track that which stakeholder will be your target audiences like donors, affiliates, employees, local leaders, volunteers, event organizers, media, business supporters or volunteers who can provide monetary benefits to your organization?

Required Information about Each Constituent

As each stakeholder will have different information, so you must know that what information is essential, which you should save and keep with you. Keep the required information, which will nurture your business relationship in the future. You should know that which information you should maintain?

Do you know your long-term Monetary Commitment and Expected Upfront Expenses?

Salesforce management and implementation involve cost, initially, you will get only 10 free licenses. To keep the system and your staff up to date and aware of any change, you may need the service of-of any outside Salesforce consultant or any in-house staff, who must be Salesforce certified. Which can be counted as an additional expense, so the organizations must know that how much they will have to spend to train their staff, so that they will remain up to date and aware of all the latest changes.

What Reports and Information will you need?

As Salesforce has a vast amount of information, so the organizations must know that through that information, what reports will they require? Unless you will not know that what information will you need to be there on your dashboard, you won’t be able to execute your organizational operation thoroughly using Salesforce.

Are your organizational processes stable?

If your organizational is in growing phase, then its needs may change time to time and the complete process takes time to be stable? You must know and identify that your business is at what level and up to what level it will grow and how much time will it take to be settled?

What are your Organizational current needs?

Identify your organizational needs and view the holistic picture. Know your business process and the complete system, with which you can make your system better. Moreover, Salesforce can make your system better so know how you can make it better using Salesforce as well?

Do you know Scale up the process in the nearby future?

Your data source and database must be synchronized with each other, there are a number of tools available, which can synchronize and optimize your organizational existing data. Data architecture can be decided in advance and integrated with the existing system, in order to utilize your existing data for the goal planning. Moreover, you can also ask the Salesforce consultant to design the data integration tool for your organization.

How will you handle Salesforce release and Update?

Salesforce keeps on releasing new features and for that, if the organizations have implemented Salesforce already with their system, then they may need to update their existing system, for that again the help of a certified Salesforce professional may arise. So they must know that whether they are ready to accept the changes?

Above questions may help the organizations to integrate Salesforce with their organization. Answer to the above-listed questions can provide you a framework, which will help you in implementing Salesforce for the organizational needs. To get the successful implementation for your organizational operations, you may need the assistance of an experienced Salesforce consultant, you can choose the one from a number of an available service provider. Moreover, while choosing the appropriate one, choose the one who satisfies all of your needs or requirements and provides you a smooth journey towards achieving your organizational goals.

A certified and experienced Salesforce implementation service provider may help you in handling the Salesforce implementation-related issues and advise you more options as well.

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I am William, the Salesforce Developer at JanBask IT Solutions providing most reliable cloud solutions tailored to specific business needs and requirements.

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