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Why Your Insurer Rejects Your Insurance Claim Request

Author: Claim Makers
by Claim Makers
Posted: Apr 24, 2018

It is a stressful situation when your property is damaged due to flood, accidents, fire, earthquakes, etc. and you need an urgent compensation for your insured properties from the insuring company as early as possible to bring your life to normalcy. But practically, this is not so simple process! Because many times when you as a policy holder, try to make a claim on your insurance policy, you may find that your insurer rejects your complaint or does not pay the full amount you are asking for. To take your insurance claim demand in right directions you need a reliable Loss Assessor to settle your case, quickly.

Here we are discussing some factors on why an insurance company decides to reject an insurance claim for the damaged property.

  • The property/item is not covered in the insurance policy
  • The policy was not in force when what you are claiming for happened
  • The policy holder has missed some of the installments of the insurance policy
  • The policy holder did not tell the insurance company about a change in the property condition (renovations or any other circumstances)
  • The policy is invalid because the policy holder did not tell the truth (real facts) when he/she applied for insurance or failed to disclose something that might affect the claim
  • The policy is invalid because the policy holder carelessly or deliberately withheld the details or deceived the insurance company
  • The policy includes an exclusion clause, which means that the policy holder cannot claim what happened
  • The policy holder has not followed the insurance claim procedures properly
  • The policy holder has exaggerated the claim and trying to claim more than one is entitled to.

Usually, your insurer gives reasons for refusing to pay your claim. You and with the help of Loss Assessor check all the details of your policy carefully to ensure their decision is reasonable or not?

If you think that the insuring company’s reasons for rejecting your insurance claim is unreasonable, you can try to negotiate with them to reach an agreement. If you are still not satisfied with the way your request for insurance claim has been handled, you can make a complaint using their complaint process. Experienced Loss Assessors from, can help you to recover your losses and expenses you are entitled for in the most professional way.

You can take an expert advice from insurance loss assessor - for this. Because there can be certain conditions that you need to find to make sure that your concerns are covered properly in the policy. Claim Makers, dedicated team deals with your case efficiently to win a satisfactory insurance claim for your damage from the insurer.

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You can take an expert advice from insurance loss assessor - for this.

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