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Web Hosting India Having A Wide Variety Of Hosting Service To Suit All Requirements

Author: Sonam Singh
by Sonam Singh
Posted: Apr 24, 2018

India is a country that has made commendable progress in the sphere of national economy, with long and firm strides. The ever-developing business economy in India has made the use of the internet, a very common phenomenon, among all areas of commercial, social and administrative activities. The Internet is the most strong and on-demand tool, in the world of students also, for students right from the Kindergarten standards to the highest education levels. All these developments in this country have opened the doors for all sorts of websites in all places. And all these different websites need website hosting services to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Web hosting is still not that old a concept in India. The industry of Web Hosting is introducing new concepts and technologies in India, every day. The sector of E-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds in India. The Web Hosting services in India are also well equipped to meet the challenges of hosting different categories of websites, in the country.

Types of Web Hosting in India-

The Web hosting provider companies in India, are providing a great number of different web hosting services to their clients. Mainly, the Web Hosting service can be divided into four different categories in India.

1.Dedicated Server Hosting-

Dedicated Server Hosting is also known as Dedicated Internet Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting or the Dedicated web server hosting etc. This dedicated server hosting is available in two categories, the first is managed and the other is unmanaged dedicated server hosting. The user remains the only owner and user of the physical server in Dedicated server hosting. The user has the complete access to server administration. It is often opted by large business organizations to host their business websites, which have a very heavy traffic of web site visitors. Dedicated server hosting is the most secured hosting service, over the internet. The dedicated servers are customizable by the user to suit her/his business needs.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting-

Virtual Private Server Hosting is also known as VPS hosting. It is also called as Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting service or VDS. Here, a virtualization software is used to make the virtual partition in a physical server. Every part of the partitioned physical server is allocated a certain amount of severing resources. The user is provided with root access in a Virtual Private Server making the VPS work like a dedicated server. A VPS has fewer resources than a Dedicated server. A VPS is a lot cheaper than a dedicated server. It is the most widely preferred and most popular web hosting service, by the users, for hosting websites. A VPS has flexible options for upgrades, provided by the VPS hosting service provider company.

3. Reseller Web Hosting-

Reseller Web Hosting service is a low cost, inexpensive way to host websites, mostly preferred by beginners in web hosting. In this web hosting service, the reseller makes a bulk purchase of hosting services from the host company. Then this reseller sells the hosting service to her/his customers, after dividing it into small plans. This reseller web hosting service does not provide features as a dedicated hosting service or an VPS hosting service does. The business organization with limited financial resources will find this reseller web hosting service an ideal option for making their online web presence in the market. It is good for those websites which do not require many resources to run.

4. Shared Web Hosting-

This is the currently the most widely used web hosting service. A number of customers share the server resources from a single physical server. This the ideal hosting service for small websites, which do not have much traffic of website visitors and need minimum server resources.

Web hosting in India has two types of operating system platforms, namely Windows and Linux.

Apart from these categories, the other hosting services in India are-

  • Clustered Web Hosting- an improvisation of Shared web hosting.
  • Blog Hosting Service- for creation and maintenance of Blogs.
  • Image Hosting Service- for hosting, uploading and saving images.
  • Video Hosting Service- with an FTP account to upload video to the server.
  • E-Mail Hosting Service- to host emails, a webmail service.
  • Game server Hosting Service- A boon to the online gaming industry.
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