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How to avoid troubles with moving musical instruments to Jersey City?

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Apr 30, 2018
musical instruments

No matter if you are a professional musician or you like playing in free time, you know that musical instruments cost a lot of money, so you don’t want to risk damages while moving to Jersey City. Especially f you have a large instrument to move like piano, the risks are high and you need big help to move without problems. Now you ask: how to avoid troubles with moving musical instruments to Jersey City?

Is it possible to reduce the risk of the moving musical instruments? The good news is – yes it is! AMG Moving Company NJ is committed to safe moving and delivering your musical instruments with affordable moving rates. Experts in moving musical instruments understand the value of your instruments and they take care of every piece. But, to be sure you minimized the troubles and risks when moving musical instruments to Jersey City, read few tips below.

How to avoid troubles with moving musical instruments to Jersey City? TIPS

If you want to reduce the risk of moving musical instruments to Jersey City, you should know how properly to pack and prepare your instruments for the move.

Stringed instruments like violins, cellos, and guitars are more fragile than other instruments. So, they are very tricky for shipping and moving. If you want to prevent cracking take the following steps:

  1. 1. Loosen the instrument’s strings enough that the temperature won’t strain them

  2. 2. Turn all tuning keys

  3. 3. Add some extra padding

  4. 4. Pack your instrument in hard case – it will protect your instrument from moisture and falls.

When moving brass and woodwind instruments, make sure to completely take the instruments apart. Then, wrap all the pieces in bubble wrap and put them in a hard case.

In case of moving drums, use moving boxes a little bit larger than the instrument so the wrapped instrument can fit in the box. Make sure to put some extra padding inside the box to protect drums from damages and scratches.

Larger instruments, like a piano, should be moved with professional help. They have the equipment and knowledge how to pack and prepare the piano for the move to Jersey City. You really need professionals if you want to protect your piano from damages and your floor and walls from scratches while lifting and pulling your piano through the house.

Other important factors you should think about when moving musical instruments

When transporting your musical instruments to Jersey City keep in mind:

  • + Pack and ship musical instruments in their own cases

  • + Always use quality packing materials and moving boxes

  • + Make sure your movers know the exact delivery date

  • + After the move, give your instruments enough time to acclimatize before you play them again

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