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5 effective ways to use Hashtags on Social Media in 2018

Author: Rajesh Sharma
by Rajesh Sharma
Posted: May 04, 2018

If we’re talking about the year of 2007, hashtags were generally designed to form "inner circles" on Twitter to help people by providing specific tweets regarding one particular topic and allow them to respond more easily.

Now, in these days, fast-forward to 11 years later, hashtags have got a whole new meaning. While they do still represent as a way to recognize specific topics on the social media platforms and be a part of the conversation, now, it also allows users to follow trends on Instagram and most importantly, help to build brand recognition and a cultivated useful following.

So, want to be a famous brand or apart of the conversation? Here are some effective ways to use hashtags that will bring your brand a voice amidst all the noise.

  1. Don’t use hashtags for every single thing: As many people on social media have caught to use an excess of hashtags to get benefit for them, so they have a feeling that they need to overdo it. Not effective – it is the only way to lose your chances of having your post be seen on such social media platforms like Instagram as they consider it as spamming and not something an "organic user" would do. Therefore, use it to a 5 to 7 hashtag maximum. Not more than it, please!
  2. Cover relevant hashtags: Exactly as to the above, the more you go crazy for hashtags with things that don't relevant to your content, the worse its chances to perform. So if you are planning to post about an upcoming event and using #IPL just because it's used by a lot doesn't relate to you getting a ton of engagement. That is unless your event involves IPL game and some other relating news.
  3. Keep a balance between very popular hashtags and the more specific ones: Well, maybe #IPL isn't going to get your brand discovered, but it will be fun and get you apart of the conversation if it's relevant to your post. But if you'd like to find followers by using hashtags, try mixing in some more relevant, famous and not as widely used hashtags. This allows your content to attract the people and not get buried. They must follow you back.
  4. Using same hashtags over and over again is not profitable: It has been seen that the average user probably wouldn't be using the same hashtags on many social media platforms with their every post, clearly, you shouldn't be either. No need to post your content in hurry, do some research before and find suitable, relevant and famous hashtags that would apply best to your post. This is another notable one because Instagram dismisses content that they think is not true engagement or just searching for likes.
  5. Create your own and see the result: As mentioned, famous and branded hashtags are a great way to connect with masses and establish a positive relationship with your customers beyond the checkout page, but it’s time to create your own hashtags and have fun with it. Let’s see what happen with your simple and unique creativity.

For example, it can be a tremendous way to promote a campaign in a very organic way that helps to create a viral campaign and made it much more successful. So, try to connect with a top social media company in Noida that knows how to use #s for promoting your business then do it very wisely.

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