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A General Overview Of The Egg Donation Process

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Apr 09, 2014
egg donation

There is no doubt that egg donation is one of the most practical and advanced solutions for women who have fertility issues. Donation clinics and camps across the globe have since helped many women to overcome the issue of infertility that affect millions today. However, the sad part is that not many women really know how this process is carried out. That is why some little insight into the idea is required.

What is Egg Donation?

Just as the name implies, this refers to the process whereby a fertile woman donates eggs in order to help others who face problems with fertilization. There are instances where women are also paid for making these donations. One can also get egg donations from family members, colleagues and friends. There are many donation centers which can help you to better understand the entire process in detail.

Classification of Egg Donors

Donors can be classified into three major categories. These are Designated, Undesignated and IVF. An IVF egg donor makes the donation and then a scientific process is used to make sure that the eggs are fertilized by the sperms of a partner outside the body of the beneficiary. The eggs that are not used in this process are then donated to other parties who might be in need of them.

Secondly, designated egg donors are those ones who are related to the beneficiary in one way or the other. In that case therefore, a designated donor can be a relative or a friend in need of fertile eggs.

Thirdly, an undesignated donor refers to a woman who is not in any case related to the beneficiary. This is the category of women that are normally paid for donating their eggs.

The Procedure of Egg Donation

The process of egg donation can be quite complicated at times. You need to understand however that not all women out there can donate their eggs. There are certain minimum requirements that you have to fulfill in order to qualify. For instance, you have to be between 21 and 30 years of age. Again, you should not have any medical problems. There are instances where your medical background will be considered in order to make sure that everything is fine. In that case therefore, as a donor you will have to undergo medical tests, psychological tests, drug tests and infectious disease tests just to make sure that your eggs can be fertilized with ease.

The entire process is similar in almost every clinic you will visit all across the globe. Once you are deemed qualified for the process, you will have to sign a contract. The contractor generally contains the terms and conditions of the process. When you are through with the paperwork, matching is done in order to make sure your eggs are consistent with the recipient.

After the matching process, the egg donation clinic will ensure that your egg cycles are well synchronized. The use of birth control pills is welcome in this instance. Once the eggs are injected into the recipient, hormones are provided so as to help in speeding up the maturing of the eggs.

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