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How cryptocurrency is helping entrepreneurs more than ever

Author: Cynthia Madison
by Cynthia Madison
Posted: May 07, 2018
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Cryptocurrency has seen a surge in popularity in recent times, undergoing significant growth. Why are individuals so interested in cryptocurrency, anyway? It probably has something to do with the fact that the investment returns are absolutely overwhelming. Take Ethereum for example. In 2017, Ethereum has experienced a 100% increase. It’s expected that Bitcoin’s biggest rival will surge in price in 2018 after 2 companies teamed up so as to set a benchmark price for trading. Cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to increase wealth; that’s for sure. This year, more and more entrepreneurs will adopt blockchain technology to increase business value. If you’re curious to find out how 2018 will look for those interested using in the power of cryptocurrency, please continue reading.

Raising money more successfully

In order to get a business off the ground it’s necessary to have money. The fact of the matter is that starting a company can only come around from fundraising. Raising capital is one of the most difficult tasks, requiring a lot of determination. The thing is that raising money for business needn’t be hard. Thanks to cryptocurrency, it’s possible to raise money fast, in a reasonable amount of time, from many individuals. In 2018, entrepreneurs gather financial contributions by creating and selling their own coins. By using Initial Coin Offering (ICO), businesspeople can launch their own startups and obtain money from the market. The Initial Coin Offering helps avoid the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process. The company’s worth is immediately visible on the market. Now it’s understandable why cryptocurrency is so appealing.

Safe, fast, reliable and transfers

More often than not, entrepreneurs get involved in cryptocurrency trading. To be more precise, they buy and sell digital money. Once businesspeople acquire virtual money, they send it to their crypto wallet. And perhaps make other transactions. Owing to blockchain technology, entrepreneurs are now able to make safe, fast, and reliable cryptocurrency transfers using their smartphones. Messaging apps like Telegram will make it possible to handle millions of cryptocurrency transactions per second. There’s no way of knowing for sure how many individuals are or will be using Telegram’s integrated money transfer application. What’s for sure is that, sooner or later, Telegram will become a successful economic platform. And that entrepreneurs will steer away from traditional means of making transfers.

Mining crypto

Cryptocurrency mining can generate a nice income. Mining includes 2 main functions: adding transactions to the blockchain and releasing new virtual money. Digital currencies are easily accessible for entrepreneurs to mine, meaning that they can immediately increase the value of their business. So as to mine crypto, it’s necessary to have a computer, as well as a special program. It’s equally possible to mine coins through exchanges and services. Mining isn’t limited to finding digital currency. It implies verifying the transaction, ensuring that the coins aren’t fake and that the infrastructure is working perfectly fine. It’s recommendable to go over the main types of crypto mining. The good thing is that failure is impossible. When the aim is to earn substantial amounts of money, it’s a good idea to get into cryptocurrency mining. It really is.

Becoming part of the blockchain world

If a couple of years ago, blockchain was synonym for Bitcoin, in 2018 there are dozens of applications penetrating the media. This might come as a surprise, but blockchain is a community. In other words, it’s a small social unit gathering together people that share the same interests. The community that has developed around blockchain brings together some of the most innovative entrepreneurs from around the globe. There’s no question of dads looking to make an extra buck. Being part of the cryptocurrency community is one of the best things ever. You learn a great deal about how digital money works, conversing every day, and make substantial investments with increasing technology. This is something that can’t be done in the traditional world of business. Well-informed entrepreneurs can be of value within their industry and, most importantly, grow. That’s’ something to remember.

Eliminating the background check

Blockchain systems are created in such a way that identities aren’t utilized. This translates into the fact that no guarantee is offered. Financial institutions don’t verify the transactions. You have to rely on trust when completing business dealings. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It’s a good thing, of course. Entrepreneurs are no longer required to do background checks. This is thanks to blockchain technology. Trust represents value and, unfortunately, it’s something that is completely missing from encounters and personal relationships. Individuals who resort to using cryptocurrency find themselves more trustworthy. Basically, they have the value of trust. Needless to say, trust is essential in the business world, whether it’s about the relationship with clients or employees. Maybe in the future businesspeople won’t have a hard time trusting each other anymore.

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