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How to find a good moving company in Raleigh, Durham and Garner?

Author: Cary Moving
by Cary Moving
Posted: May 09, 2018

Moving can be very tiresome. But with the right Raleigh moving company you can be rest assured of a happy and convenient change of place.

Apart from being quick and proactive, the Raleigh moving services have to be trustworthy too. Because you will be leaving 90% of your valuables with them (of course not the cash and the cards).

If you are planning to do the moving yourself then start by finding Raleigh moving supplies Provider Company. Although doing the moving and packing yourself is absolutely secure. But it can be very much tiring and can also delay the entire moving process.

Therefore avoid all the hassle and tussle and hire a good and trusted Raleigh moving company to move you from your current location skipping all the drama.

#1. Turn to the Internet

Search for Durham moving services on quality online directories like, Make a list of a few moving companies around your location.

Make sure to read the online reviewsand ratings before making any calls to the moving services company.

#2. Talk to your friends

This is one of the most reliable way to find Durham moving services. This is because if your friends have tried the moving services and they recommend it to you. Then voila you are up for a good service ahead.

Try and get in touch with newly moved in friends or neighbors as are more likely to have used the services of a Durham moving company.Trytalking to at least 5 moving companies before making a decision.

#3. Age of the moving company

Find out the age of the Durham moving company you are considering to hire. As it is believed that more the experience a moving company has, more is its ability to handle contingent situations.

Since a moving company has more experience, it is more likely for it to have a better and more experienced team with superior Durham moving supplies.

#4. Search the "Old School" manner

The retro style of searching the phone directories hold value even today. Search for Durham moving companies and shortlist at least 5 of them.

Talk to them regarding their pricing, experience, estimated time for moving and other necessary details. And then choose the best option among them as per your budget and requirement.

#5. You don’t need a Middle man for moving

When you are planning to move you may be drawn to respond to the moving brokers for arranging the best "moving deal".

But do not fall prey to this trap.

Because in United States the Consumer Protection Law does not protect the users from the moving brokers if the latter commits any scam towards the customers.

Whereas the moving companies’ customers are safe from any scam or harm as these companies are governed by the law.

#6. Contact Information of Moving Company

Once you have finalized your Garner moving company, make sure you have their contact information handy with you.

Best if you can visit the office even once of your moving company so that you know the company is real.

This way you know whom and where you have to reach out to if in case something goes wrong, or not as you planned it to work.

#7. Ask about moving supplies

You valuable household items will be moving in the Garner moving supplies provided by the moving company finalized by you.

Therefore ask them about the truck, moving boxes, bubble packing roll and other important supplies, in advance.

This way you can avoid the last minute surprises about anything they do not carry or cover.

#8. Thorough Reference Check

It is very important for you to thoroughly verify the details available to you. Make sure to:

  • Ask for USDOT Number and Motor Carrier license number
  • Ask for 3-5 references from the moving company and call their customers to confirm their services
#9. Reimbursement for damage/loss

Ask the moving company what is their procedure to issue the reimbursement for any damage or loss of the items while moving.

For this make a list which includes all the items/bags so that you are aware of any damage/loss on the move.

#10. Too Low isn’t so good!

If a Raleigh moving company is offering price too low compared to its competitors then something is definitely fishy there.

Do not just jump in because of the price. Rather evaluate in detail as to why they are offering such low price.

May be the prices are low due to

  • An introductory offer
  • Or, due to their poor service
  • Or worst case they could be scammers who could hold your items and ask ransom to release

While Raleigh moving services are a boon when you are planning to move. But being a little cautious can save your time, efforts and money from going into waste.

If you too are planning for moving, then our moving company Cary Moving Services is happy to help you with our experienced and trusted moving services.
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