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Instructions To Install Braided Hose Fittings – Step By Step Guide

Author: Roadrunner Performance
by Roadrunner Performance
Posted: May 09, 2018

Despite the fact that the pictures demonstrate stainless steel braided fuel line fittings, the procedure is the same for Aeroquip Startlite hose and Black Nylon Lightweight hose.

Stage 1

When slicing the braided fuel hose to length first wrap some concealing tape around the hose where the cut will happen. This serves to permit a pencil check to characterize the exact position and it likewise helps stop the stainless-steel twist from flaring out. There are various approaches to cut this hose. The simplest route for somebody cutting hose at a home workshop is to utilize a fine tooth saw with the braided fuel line fittings held in some bad habit jaws. You could likewise utilize hose shears on the off chance that you approach them.

When cutting the braided fuel hose with a fine tooth saw enable the sharp edge to slice through without applying any critical weight. It is imperative to cut the hose square. If you have any stray bits of stainless steel plait evacuate them with your cuts.

Stage 2

Embed the cut braided fuel hose into the attachment utilizing a curving and pushing movement until the point when the hose comes to the back of the strings inside the attachment nut. There are a scope of apparatuses accessible that assistance to manage the hose into the attachment. Notwithstanding, in numerous times of making up hoses we have never wanted to utilize them. Care and consideration when cutting the hose will make fitting the hose into the attachment a ton less demanding.

Stage 3

Check the situation of the hose against the back of the attachment nut. Wrap a bit of veiling tape around the hose where it meets the back of the attachment. This will go about as a marker to check if the hose is being pushed out amid get together.

Stage 4

We think that it’s helpful to apply a little measure of oil to within the hose and the strings of the attachment nut. At that point embed some since quite a while ago nosed forceps to delicately open out the hose. There is no requirement for any critical power to be utilized.

Stage 5

Apply oil to the strings and areola of the hose end.

Stage 6

Deliberately embed the hose end areola into the attachment and hose until the point that the attachment draws in with the hose end strings. Continue everything square to dodge cross threading. Hold the hose to prevent it from being pushed out of the attachment. Step by step instructions to introduce fuel adapter fitting - embeddings the hose end

Stage 7

Fix the hose end into the attachment utilizing the right size spanner. Guarantee there is a lot of oil on the strings as you fix the association. Fix until the point when you have a hole of roughly 1mm between the attachment nut and the hose end nut. Adjust the pads of the nuts for an expert wrap up.

Stage 8

At long last check for any signs the hose has been pushed out. Any critical development ought to be researched. This and parcels more data around A fuel adapter fitting can be found in our allowed to download eBook – simply tap on the connection to get your duplicate.

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