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Ways by Which Piano Lessons Alleviate Stress Disorders

Author: Armstrong Louis
by Armstrong Louis
Posted: May 10, 2018
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Research has proved that piano is one of those musical instruments that can be immensely effective in reducing stress. Piano playing acts almost as a therapy, particular in healing and nourishing the mind, body and soul of a person. In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and anxiety are almost inevitable, music serves as a natural remedy. The timbre of the instrument has a soothing and calming influence on the listeners. In countries like Australia, piano lessons are becoming exceedingly popular, encouraging people to lead stress-free lives. (Information Credit:

The following factors highlight how taking piano lessons can help an individual deal with stress and anxiety:

  1. A substitute to strong chemical-based medication: People coping with stress-related disorders like anxiety, often are recommended strong prescription drugs that would relieve them of all their issues. The course of medication includes high doses of anti-depressants, blood pressure pills and aspirin which often serve as a quick solution. But, frequent intake of these drugs can adversely affect a person’s overall health and often give rise to nerve problems and other grave side effects. Music therapy, especially piano therapy, is a completely organic process of healing stress. The main objective is to cure the stress and anxiety disorders of the people and the more natural the solution, the better it is for the health of the individual.
  2. Anger management and expressing emotions: Not all individuals are equipped to express their emotions properly. Many people often fail to express their feeling and conceal their emotions from the others. On the other hand, many people suffer from temper issues. Anger management is necessary for such individuals, as anger outbursts can have dire consequences. Piano playing not only teaches people to vent their emotions constructively but also helps them to control their temper.
  3. Effects of Piano Lessons on women: A woman’s life is often more frenzied both physically and emotionally in comparison to their male counterparts. Not only is the woman the financial supporter in a rising number of households but she has a host of other responsibilities. These are usually looking after the children’s well-being including their health and education, and taking care of household chores. All of this can make a woman go through a mental breakdown which can have a negative impact on her physical health as well. Playing the piano can have a calming effect.

Piano playing has the following emotional and mental benefits, which in turn explain why playing the instrument has proved to be effective in alleviating stress disorders.

Psychological and Emotional Benefits

Playing the piano plays a great role in elevating the mood of someone distressed. Apart from the physical benefits, taking up piano lessons can help a person get relief from depression. It thus has great therapeutic properties. Everyone knows that music affects the emotional state. Thus, learning to play piano simultaneously teaches you to gain control over your emotions, in the sense that you learn to express, suppress or control your own emotions through music. Similarly, playing musical pieces on piano has psychological benefits. It is also a proven method to relieve stress. Classical European music, enhances your sensitivity, and affects your psyche directly by toning down aggressiveness in your social behaviour.

Patience and tenacity

Piano is a complex musical instrument as learning to play the piano requires patience and perseverance. It takes time and immense patience to work out the difficult sections of a piece of music. Therefore, playing piano will yield great benefits of a good exercise for those who are impatient. To become a skilled pianist a person would need to develop a consistent and regular practising schedule and practice around his/her regular busy working hours. Playing the piano will not only help a person in enhancing the level of his/her patience but also helps in honing his or her organisational skills and time management.

Sharpening of focus

Adults would come to know more about various types of music like classical piano music and contemporary piano. Those who are curious about the cultural history and journey of music can satisfy their curiosity by taking piano classes. This expansion of the knowledge horizons sharpens the focus and calms the minds.

Through the aforementioned benefits, piano playing has proved to be efficient in rejuvenating mood and promoting overall well-being of people. Music should have a strong presence in every individual’s life as it is considered to be the soul and very essence of all peaceful things in life. By using music therapy, people can cope with all stress-related issues of their lives. Hence, learning the piano is an organic and appealing way of leading a life devoid of any stress and anxiety. If you are thinking to start playing the piano you should explore various music education websites, as these will shed light on some reputed professional piano academies in and around Sydney.
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