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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Author: Parijatak Ayurveda
by Parijatak Ayurveda
Posted: May 11, 2018

Ayurvedic Treatment For Achilles Tendonitis At Central India

About Achilles Tendonitis:

Achilles tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to the heel bone.

Ayurvedic Achilles Tendonitis Treatment Center Nagpur India, An Achilles tendon injury can happen to anyone, whether you’re an athlete or just going about your everyday life.

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body. It stretches from the bones of your heel to your calf muscles. You can feel it — a springy band of tissue at the back of your ankle and above your heel. It lets you point your toes toward the floor.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for this tendon to get injured. It could be mild or moderate and feel like a burning pain or stiffness in that part of your leg. But if it’s severe, it may mean that your Achilles tendon is partly torn or completely ruptured.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Achilles Tendonitis At Central India Causes Of Achilles Tendonitis

Causes could lead to an Achilles tendon injury:

  • You overdo activity.
  • You boost your physical activity level too quickly.
  • You wear high heels, which can stress the tendon.
  • You have "flat feet," also called fallen arches. This means that when you take a step, the impact causes the arch of your foot to collapse, stretching the muscles and tendons.
  • Your leg muscles or tendons are too tight.
  • You take medicines called glucocorticoids, or antibiotics called fluoroquinolones.

Achilles tendon injuries are common in people who do things where you quickly speed up, slow down, or pivot, such as:

  • Running
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Achilles tendon injuries tend to happen when you start moving suddenly, as you push off and lift your foot, rather than when you land. For instance, a sprinter might get one at the start of a race, as he surges off of the starting block. The abrupt action can be too much for the tendon to handle. Men older than age 30 are particularly prone to Achilles tendon injuries.

Symptoms Of Achilles Tendonitis

The most obvious one is pain above your heel, especially when you stretch your ankle or stand on your toes.

It may be mild and get better or worse over time. If the tendon ruptures, the pain is instant and severe.

The area may also feel tender, swollen, and stiff.

If your Achilles tendon tears, you may hear a snapping or popping noise when it happens. You could have bruising and swelling, too.

You may have trouble pointing your toes if the tendon tears completely.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Achilles Tendonitis At Central India
  • Kapha Haram
  • Vrana Haram
  • Sopha Haram
  • Ropanam
Ayurvedic Medicines For Achilles Tendonitis
  • Guggulu Tikta Ghrita

Guggulu Tikta Ghrita (Guggulutiktaka Ghritam) is an Ayurvedic formula used in treating inflammatory conditions of skin, joints, and bones. It is in herbal ghee form. It is also available in Kashayam (Herbal Decoction) form.

The ingredients are:
  • Nimba – neem – Azadirachta indica
  • Patola – Trichosanthes dioica
  • Vyaghri / Kantakari – Solanum xanthocarpum
  • Guduchi – Tinospora cordifolia
  • Vasaka – Adhatoda vasica
  • Shuddha Guggulu – Purified Commiphora mukul
  • Ghrita (Ghee)
  • Patha – Cyclea peltata / Cissampelos pariera
  • Vidanga – Embelia ribes
  • Suradaru – Cedrus deodara
  • Gajopakulya – Piper chaba
  • Yavakshara – Hordeum vulgare
  • Sarjikshara
  • Nagara – Zingiber officinalis
  • Nisha – Turmeric
  • Mishreya – Anethum sowa
  • Chavya – Piper chaba
  • Kushta – Saussurea lappa
  • Tejovati – Zanthoxylum alatum
  • Maricha – Black pepper
  • Vatsaka – Holarrhena antidysenterica
  • Deepyaka – Trachyspermum ammi
  • Agni – Plumbago zeylanica
  • Rohini – Picrorrhiza kurroa
  • Arushkara – Purified Semecarpus anacardium
  • Vacha – Acorus calamus
  • Kanamoola – Piper longum – root
  • Yukta – Pluchea lanceolata
  • Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
  • Ativisha – Aconitum heterophyllum
  • Vishani – Aconitum species
  • Yavani – Trachyspermum ammi

Dosage: 10 ml with milk at night

  • Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form. It is also known as Triphala Guggulu tablets, Triphala Gulgulu etc. This tablet has Guggulu (commiphora mukul) as its base.It is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.

Triphala Guggul Ingredients:

Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – 48 g

Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica – 48 g

Amalaki – Emblica officinalis – 48 g

Krishna – Long pepper – 48 g

Guggulu – Purified Commiphora mukul.

All the above ingredients are pounded with guggulu and rolled into pills of uniform size of 500 mg.

Triphala Guggul reference:

Sharangdhara Samhita madhyamakhanda 7/82-83

Dosage: 2 tablets two times a day with Kasaya-vrana ropana property.

  • Argvadadi Kasayam

Dosage: 60ml two times a day before food

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