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Top 7 Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services for the Business

Author: Recrosoft Technolopgies
by Recrosoft Technolopgies
Posted: May 11, 2018
Introduction to IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation as the term suggests allows companies, big or small, to add skilled professionals to their existing workforce. This recruitment principle is most popular among IT companies due to their seasonal and project basis needs. Companies generally partner with supplying organizations to get access to a short-term workforce for a specific duration. Based on the need of the organization, staff augmentation can take different forms, ranging from increase workforce on site to remotely located professionals. Increasingly, IT Companies are preferring staff augmentation over other traditional forms of staffing owing to the long list of benefits the former offers.

While small firms increasingly prefer to augment their entire workforce with a very minute percentage of permanent staff, big firms complement their stable employees with project basis personnel to maintain an efficient balance. Staff augmentation has increasingly become synonymous with IT firms, as both acts as perfect demand and supply partners for effective project deliveries.

Importance of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation acts a bridge between the available talent pool with intensive skills and the availability of short-term positions in IT firms. Staff augmentation is increasingly becoming as the most sought after recruitment model as it entails flexibility in the workforce. While the complete take over of staff augmentation is still a few miles away, most organizations are entering into a hybrid model. Therefore, most companies are leveraging from the potential of coupling the benefits of traditional means of staffing and staff augmentation. As most companies are run by Millenials, permanent employees are becoming a thing of the past.

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Top 7 Benefits of Staff augmentation
  1. Hire on the Go

One of the foremost benefits of staff augmentation is its flexibility. This allows firms to hire employees to suit the short-term needs. Companies can supplant their permanent employees with skilled professionals to suit the need of the hour for a specific duration. This flexible hiring prevents the firms from incurring additional costs of permanent hiring, like employee provident fund and health benefits. On the flip side, it also gives professionals the flexibility to work on a project basis and indulge only in the projects of their choice and excellence. This creates a win-win situation for both the parties, yielding mutual benefits. This fills the gap between the demand and supply of professional skills, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Therefore, by allowing hiring on the go, staff augmentation serves the interests of the employees and employers in a creative way.

  1. Access to a larger Talent Pool

Staff augmentation as a means of short-term hiring provides firms with the access to a very large talent pool of skilled professionals. Permanent hiring restricts a firm’s ability to leverage the available market talent. On the other side, staff augmentation allows the greater hiring of millenials with an intensive skill training. Staff augmentation recruits are often domain centric and therefore, the techniques they bring to the floor are unique and beneficial. Additionally, staff augmentation allows firms to engage with experienced professionals that the former may not be in a financial state to hire on permanent roles, but can benefit from their expertise for a short project. Therefore, by allowing the hiring of specific skill sets, staff augmentation increases the talent pool of any firm.

  1. Cost Effective Competitive Edge

Extending the relevance of the above point, staff augmentation ensures a cost-effective means to leverage from specific skill sets. Since professionals are hired for a specific project, the firm does not have to bear the cost of a long term. Thus, hiring project definite recruitment allows companies to pay for the talent only during the requisite period. Additionally, this skill specific talent provides an edge over all competitive brands by adding a domain-centric knowledge to the operational framework. The presence of external talent also allows the firms to reach out to greater markets by showcasing the pool of talent available to them. This entails a double victory for the firms. Firstly, they get access to an immense talent at the fraction of a cost of traditional hiring. Secondly, this talent pool accords them a position higher relative to their competitors that lack such flexibility in hiring.

  1. Operational Efficiency

Most small businesses incur high amounts of operational costs, especially during lean periods, with miniscule return on investments. Staff augmentation endorses operational efficiency by allowing flexible working platforms. When companies partner with supplying organizations, they do not need to bear the infrastructural costs of building and conducting operations at a new place. The professionals either work remotely or from the workspaces of the supplying organizations. Despite the remote working, employees are completely accountable to the employing firm and their management. In addition to the reduction in infrastructure costs, the costs of operating offshore are significantly cut back. Therefore, staff augmentation not only decreases the cost of hiring skilled professionals, it also reduces the cost of operation. Such savings can easily be translated into profits.

  1. Expansion and Adaptation

Flexible hiring allows the firms to expand their operations on a trial basis, without investing in a full-fledged workforce. Often firms aspire to scale up their businesses and benefit from the prevailing market conditions. However, the accompanying risks of failure and the drowning of investments serve as a roadblock to such scaling. Staff augmentation comes to the aid of such firms. By allowing companies to hire on a project basis to test their acceptability in the new markets, staff augmentation opens new avenues for firms looking for expansion.

In addition to the expansion, such flexible hiring allows companies to adapt to the changing market conditions. With new skills and proficiencies being garnered every day by millenials, the market demand is rapidly changing. The companies unable to respond to such transformations are succumbing to failure. Therefore, staff augmentation equips companies with responsiveness. This allows them to react to the changing circumstances by fulfilling new demands using project-specific workforce.

  1. Access to New and Contemporary Opinions

While it is true that experience comes with age, the millennial generation has a lot to offer in terms of contemporary worldviews. Having a fixed employee network often results in a stagnation of ideas and opinions for business development and increasing profits. The newly emerging business demands often call out for unconventional and innovative means to deliver results. Accordingly, staff augmentation allows firms to engage with the outlooks of a diverse set of professionals than operating time and again with a box of recycled ideas. Project-specific hiring gives firms the ability to leverage new ideas to propel their operations.

  1. Sustained Control and Management

While firms leverage from the professionals of supplying organizations, they still retain control over their work and management. As opposed to project outsourcing where the entire workings of a project are transferred to an external unit, staff augmentation ensures that only the human resourcing is sourced to an external agency, while the management still remains in hand. This control over management allows firms to maintain a stronghold over their projects and shape them in any way desired. Project outsourcing often leaves out parent companies from any say in the management and execution of a project. Staff augmentation prevents this aberration by allowing parent firms to stay in charge of the final call.


Staff augmentation in IT companies has moved beyond its inception phase. It is being readily accepted as an alternative model of staffing. Firms benefit from this flexible hiring by leveraging the capabilities of professionals with intensive skill sets in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Staff augmentation also benefits the millennial generation. They prefer working on projects that require their domain of expertise rather than undertaking traditional jobs. Therefore, staff augmentation serves as an effective bridge ensuring an efficient pipeline of talent for firms available for specific durations. Contact Us today for your business Staffing requirement

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