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Process Welding System

Author: Judith Jacob
by Judith Jacob
Posted: May 12, 2018

The Plasma and TIG welding Expert

Our mastery, as the years progressed, has been in PAW (Plasma Arc Welding) and GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). It has been our experience that perfect gas in low amp plasma curve welding is critical.

Subsequently, we have composed a method for welders, to help discover a portion of the issues that can be caused by dampness and oxygen getting into the gas lines amid welding. It would be ideal if you take note of the Attached Procedure "Check List for Contaminated Electrode, Dirty Weld Nozzles and Plasma Torch Care."

A wide assortment of tungsten terminals can be utilized amid welding. Most welders lean toward thoriated tungsten cathodes, yet others like ceriated or lanthanated tungsten terminals. It is hard to figure out which is ideal. The welder must think about his welding application, kind of gas utilized, sort of energy supply, beat rate, material being welded, and so forth. See the Attached Tungsten Sheet.



A dim blue or dark tungsten (Figure B) is an indication of dampness or oxygen getting into the plasma gas line (likewise called the pilot gas line). In the event that the gas is great quality and the gas lines are without release, the tungsten ought to remain a dim shading (Figure A) not dim blue or dark. Dampness and oxygen in the gas lines decay the tungsten cathode, and subsequently the quantity of circular segment begins the tungsten anode can create is diminished. This eliminates the quantity of bend begins underway and diminishes creation.

Any holes in the gas lines or fittings can enable air to be sucked into the gas framework which adds oxygen and dampness to the welding gases being utilized. Levels of oxygen and water ought to be under 5pm. The most essential gas in plasma welding is argon, which is utilized for the pilot gas (additionally called plasma gas). Argon being utilized ought to be no less than 99.998% unadulterated argon. In plasma welding, if the gas isn't unadulterated, it will debase the tungsten terminal and turn the tungsten anode a dim blue and dark shading. On the off chance that the issue is exceptionally extreme, the staining will run the distance to the point of the tungsten terminal and stop up the light spout.

To check for gas spills, introduce a container of gas on the pilot gas line. It is prescribed that the gas bottle be utilized with a double stage controller with a stainless steel stomach. Next, take a spout for the light and patch the opening of the spout shut. Clean the spout, in the wake of patching, with CH32CO or liquor, and introduce a little o-ring that will make a seal when the spout is screwed into the light and hand fixed. Ensure that where the spout seats against the light body is perfect and free of soil. In the event that the spout does not situate well against the light body, a gas break can happen. Turn the pilot gas flowmeter up to its most noteworthy stream, and kill the argon gas bottle. This will trap gas between the tip of the light spout and the argon gas bottle. Take a perusing on the high weight gas check of the gas controller. Hold up 15 to 30 minutes. On the off chance that the gas framework is sans release, the measure perusing will remain the same as when the gas bottle was killed. On the off chance that the check weight drops, there is a gas spill in the framework. The hole could be caused by a gap in the gas hoses or faulty fittings and gaskets.

In the event that the framework has a hole, check all fittings to ensure they are tight, and ensure that gaskets are fixing. You can likewise squeeze the hose where the light interfaces and trap gas from where the hose is squeezed back to the controller. On the off chance that the break stops, it is presumably in the light.

Check for breaks in the light body. In the event that the light has a back top, check the o-ring on the top and check the top for openings or breaks.

After it has been resolved that the gas framework is without release, the framework should be cleansed. Cleansing the gas lines will clean the majority of the dampness and oxygen out of the lines with the goal that you will just have great clean gas in the framework. Turn the pilot gas stream up to its most astounding stream rate, and let the gas gone through the lines for no less than 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Next, begin a pilot curve, and let it keep running at ordinary pilot bend gas settings for 10 minutes.Kill the pilot circular segment, and verify whether the shade of the tungsten terminal is dark. On the off chance that it is dark, the gas framework is spotless. On the off chance that the shading is beat up, the framework needs to cleanse longer to ensure it is spotless.

On the off chance that your welding framework is closed down finished night, air with oxygen and dampness will get up inside the plasma burn. Before beginning to weld on the following day, you have to again cleanse the gas lines roughly 5 to 10 minutes before beginning to weld. You might need to turn the pilot gas down to a low stream, for example, 0.1 liters for each moment, and let the gas run throughout the night to keep the gas line clean. It will be such a low stream, to the point that it won't be of any monetary significance.

At the point when the pilot circular segment is killed, given the gas a chance to keep on flowing for no less than 10 to 15 seconds before killing fundamental power. The gas stream will shield the tungsten terminal from oxidizing until the point when it chills off.

At whatever point considering anode life, terminal tainting, simplicity of circular segment beginning and curve solidness, you ought not overlook that the trading of particles happens inside the plasma section in the two bearings: from the cathode to the work piece and from the work piece to the anode. On the off chance that polluting influences, for example, lead, sulfur, aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, metal, oil, oil or some other grimy components are on or in the material being welded, they will taint the tungsten anode and spout. You at that point can't depend on the most extreme number of welds before supplanting the tungsten anode and weld spout.

Clean the spout opening with CH32CO or liquor and a Q-tip. A round wooden toothpick can be utilized to clean the opening of the spout. Weld spouts trap sullying amid welding and should be cleaned each time the tungsten is re-ground.

The pilot bend ought to be splendid white with a light blue tint. On the off chance that the shading changes to orange or purple that is an indication of pollution. The pilot curve may step once again into the spout, which is an indication that the tungsten terminal has decayed.

Cautioning: It is critical, when fixing the spout onto the light head, that you don't over fix the spout and strip the strings. Copper is a delicate material which makes it less demanding to over fix the spout. Fix the spout until the point when it scarcely reaches the finish of the light head. It is prescribed that pincers be utilized to fix the spout. Be mindful so as not to get the light head with the pincers. Be mindful so as not to cross string the spout. In the event that the spout is cross strung it will harm the strings inside the light head. Try not to get soil, oil or oil inside the light head or on the spout strings. This will harm the strings in the light head. In the event that the light head is harmed by the pincers, it can cause a gas spill between the spout and light head and the spout won't situate appropriately against the water cooled some portion of the light head. On the off chance that the strings are stripped, and the light head is harmed, the light should be supplanted. Occasionally spotless within the light and strings where the spout seats with liquor or CH32CO. Ensure that expert's hands are spotless when overhauling lights. Earth, oil, oil and coarseness are not adequate on any of the light parts. The plasma welding light is a costly gadget and ought to be taken care of with extraordinary care.

The kind of hose material that the pilot gas and shield gas are gone through is essential. All plastics can have dampness and oxygen that diffuse through the dividers of the hose material. When welding delicate materials, for example, titanium the welding framework may should be plumbed with stainless steel gas lines.


There is no real way to tell a welder which tungsten is best for his application. Welders utilize diverse power supplies with various kinds of circular segment starters. Each welding application utilizes distinctive gases and terminal tip arrangements. Additionally, the material being welded will fluctuate. Different factors, for example, weld speed, beating, number of circular segment begins and how the tungsten is honed will influence tungsten life. It is suggested that you test the tungsten before placing it into creation. Approach us for a free example tungsten cathode to lead your own test.we refer on Safety Shoes in mumbai, Protective Clothing in india

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