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The Impacts Of Improper Rubbish Removal

Author: Lisa Armour
by Lisa Armour
Posted: May 15, 2018

The world is facing great challenges due to increasing urbanisation and the major challenge that is sprouting out, is the rising amount of generated waste and littering due to high demand for food products and other essentials. Waste bins are filling up faster than ever, and many of the bins end up overflowing before collected, causing not only bad odours but also negative health and environmental impacts.

On an average, Australians generate almost 41millions of waste annually. It is roughly 1.9 tonnes of waste from each Australian. Therefore, as a citizen of Australia, it is essential to treat the rubbish removal and disposal seriously to make sure that junks are disposed efficiently and recycled.

From simple household rubbish to the industrial waste, proper rubbish removals in Sydney matters. However, there are still people who choose to dispose off their rubbish themselves because they think they cannot afford and this is where the problem arises, especially when toxic wastes are involved. Many assume that hiring rubbish removal services may cost more, but the truth is waste removal services is not expensive because many companies provide the cheapest rubbish removal in Sydney.

The Following Are The Impacts Of Improper Removal And Disposal Of Waste:

  • Air Pollution:

Junks that comprise of hazardous chemicals such as acids and bleach should be disposed properly, and only in approved containers with correct labels. It is the reason, why you need to let the professionals do the rubbish removal job because they are licensed and follow Australian government norms. Without adequate knowledge in disposing of the waste, if you burn the papers and plastics in landfills, it emits gas and chemicals that hurt the ozone layer.

  • Water Pollution:

Hazardous junks leech into the ground and also into groundwater. The contaminated water is used for many things right from watering the crops to drinking. The toxic elements in the waste can also seep into water streams.

  • Soil Pollution:

Soil contamination is the most significant problem caused by improper waste removal. The plastic takes more than 100years to decompose, and they emit DEHA, a carcinogen that affects human reproduction system and causes liver dysfunction.

We do not alone suffer, the effects of pollution as mentioned above also affects our future generation. Cigarette butts have been known to cause deaths in marine animals who consume them. Many junk removal company offers affordable rubbish removal Sydney solutions to both residential and commercial properties. So find the one that suits your budget, dispose of your rubbish wisely and save the earth!

The author is an experienced blogger specialised in waste management services. He with his team of trained professionals claims to provide affordable rubbish removals in Sydney. Visit for more details.

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Right Away Rubbish Removals was established in 1992. We provide reliable and affordable waste management solutions for the entire Sydney metropolitan area.

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