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BMW Tuning - Ways To Get The Most From Your Car

Author: Romy Fernandis
by Romy Fernandis
Posted: May 15, 2018

BMW cars are well known to be steadily constructed with a well-balanced handling, good passenger comfort, and a fantastic engine under the bonnet. They operate well to stop-and-go traveling around town, however, they really sparkle when powered at top speeds.

When someone is the owner of an automobile, it's just normal to actually want to make it the best it could be. That's where BMW professional tuning files will come in. The term addresses any kind of vehicle modifications to boost the car's appearance and optimize the car's power and efficiency. The tuning options are limitless.

To begin with, you can enhance the look and the aerodynamics of your car with a body styling kit. The package can include new bumpers, front side and rear spoilers, part skirts, roofing spoiler, bonnet grills, tailpipe and even more, all done to give the automobile a more sport or even more appealing look.

Not only do these improvements make your vehicle more fashionable, they could also improve handling by reducing wind level of resistance and boosting vehicle balance, specifically in highway rates of speed.

You can even change the typical road equipment on your own BMW with components created for high-performance cars. For example, improving the suspension system with brand-new struts, shock absorbers, could make a significant difference in automobile control.

If you would like better stopping power and appearance, you can replace the brake pedal with new quality brakes. And you can apply new cast alloy tires and match tires to provide your car more looks while also enhancing ride comfort.

The most well-known BMW Stage2 chiptuning is to remap the engine ECU. That is a budget-friendly way to boost performance, speed, and power. Many car owners accept that a remap provides the most cost-effective and most driving enjoyment your money can buy. The process changes the engine and fuel system settings to create even more bhp and torque. The ECU could be remapped through the car's OBDII or by changing the chimp for a new one.

The engines in most BMW vehicles are designed solid and long-lasting. They can simply handle much compared to what the standard engine configurations can do. In fact, BMW diesel-powered engines are simply begging to be configured. Turbo diesel vehicles gain up to power benefits 30 % from a remap, based on the model. But more essential than the real numbers is the how the performs later on.

What drivers benefit from after a remap is more responsive throttle and more of power. The engine drags more powerful through gears. The automobile will be a nice car to use under any conditions, with very torque and an increase of power.

M badge vehicles are more tuned compared to the normal vehicle, so the power gains from a remap will be much less. It may be worth doing for better control.


Many drivers cannot resist the power benefit because it's very much fun. But once you use you for some time, you'll ultimately see fuel cost savings from your remap. If more mile per fuel is important, you can choose to tune your BMW to get best gas usage instead of more power and rpm. You don't have to modify the brake systems or other vehicle parts after a remap. The typical brake installation is a lot more than sufficient for the engine's extra power.

Find more information relating to Stage2 chiptuning, and professional tuning files here.

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