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Why consultant dermatologists are important when treating skin cancer

Author: Adam Friedmann
by Adam Friedmann
Posted: Apr 11, 2014

Skin cancer like any other cancer can be dangerous. Early detection often prevents the cancer from spreading to other organs. Consultant dermatologists help cancer patients by optimizing the treatment of their cancer through swift diagnosis and intervention.

Skin cancer can be classified as either non-melanoma or melanoma. The commonest variety are non-melanoma skin cancers and these are classified as either basal or squamous cell carcinomas. These non-melanoma skin cancers rarely spread to the lymph glands and the other the organs. Melanoma cancer is rarer. It is cancer that has the ability to invade locally or spread to other organs in the body.

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic is a skin cancer clinic in London’s Harley Street. They have dermatologists who are experts in cancer diagnosis and treatment. These doctors assist patients in ensuring that they detect and treat the symptoms of cancer early. Although melanoma is rarer than other forms of skin cancer, the best chance of a cure is through early detection and intervention. Our dermatologists will be able to identify the type of cancer that you have as well as treating with state of the art therapy and staging the disease to provide you an accurate estimate of prognosis.

Consultant dermatologists have years of experience of dealing with skin cancer. You can be assured by the diagnosis that they give. Skin cancer treatment varies depending on the type of cancer that you have and its severity. The part of the body that is has affected also plays a crucial role.

Several tests are carried out to determine the type and stage of cancer before deciding on the best treatment option. Treatments include creams, topical agents such as photo dynamic therapy, cryotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical excision. Advanced melanoma might involve treatment options like chemotherapy. While treatment is important, prevention remains the best option.

There are several risk factors that have been identified that contribute to the occurrence of cancer. Learning about these risk factors is important when you want to prevent skin cancers. Some of the risk factors that have been identified include exposure to ultraviolet radiation, either from artificial sources or natural sun., Having a fair complexion and weakened immune system also contribute.

Skin care tips that you learn from the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic will help you maintain a vigilance against skin cancer. Our team will also ensure that in the event that you do develop skin cancer, it is detected and treated at the soonest opportunity. You can rest assured that at the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, you will find the highest calibre of cancer dermatologist.

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They are efficient and capable skin cancer clinics London for handling various types of serious skin problems. You can contact them at:- 0845 154 3260

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