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Start your own business of handmade soaps

Author: Hridoy Ckz
by Hridoy Ckz
Posted: May 16, 2018
handmade soaps

Artisanal fertilizer businesses are one of the most popular businesses and have experienced growth in terms of openings in recent years. Due to its basic characteristics, such as the non-obligatory nature of having specific knowledge, they make it a good option for any entrepreneur.

If you are one of those who have in mind to start a business of handmade soaps, we tell you the fundamental steps to follow to reach your goal successfully. Aim well!

Raw material- Artisanal soaps contain used oil as the main ingredient. Although it is an element that can not be obtained directly, you can establish agreements with bars and establishments, which will become your suppliers. In addition, this has positive consequences for the environment, as the hotel businesses find an outlet for this product without damaging it.

Products- We will distinguish between 3 main groups of products:

  • Small soap pads to store in drawers, bathrooms or easy transport.
  • Big pills. Of approximately 100 grams, and can be presented as a wrapped gift, or rough to be used as a beauty or cleaning product.
  • Bars of soap 1kg. He is the one chosen mainly by laundries and people who dedicate themselves to domestic cleaning. When buying this type of format, the economic savings is quite remarkable.

It must be taken into account that in order for the soap to be used for personal use, the PH must be controlled, which must have a maximum value of 10 or less, and will be more appropriate around the 7.

Market- As we said, it is an upward business because customers are becoming environmentally responsible and begin to take into account factors such as the commitment of companies to the environment. Recycling oil is, therefore, an excellent measure for making soaps for hygienic, decorative, etc. purposes.

Competition - It is not surprising, therefore, that there are several items that include handcrafted soaps among their offers. In addition to other craft soap businesses, there are competent stores for household products, drugstores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and large surfaces.

Business plan- It will be necessary to take into account several aspects when setting up a business of handmade soaps.

  • The aesthetics and image of the store. Pay special attention to the disposition and placement of the soaps that will encourage or not the client to enter the trade.
  • Membership with environmental associations. Fundamental to launch joint advertising campaigns, for example, to motivate the care of the environment. A good idea is to advertise in environmental and recycling magazines, local commercial directories and in the media.

-To disseminate our business of handmade soaps. How? Through the creation of a website, and encouraging word of mouth from our customers through a good deal and launch of promotions.

Reasons to choose a handmade soap

The first reason you have to take into account when choosing a handmade soap, instead of an industrial one, is that in these first ones you do not use large amounts of artificial products, nor detergents that instead of taking care of your skin what they do is damage it

In addition to the fact that their ingredients are mainly natural, you should know that there are more reasons that make handmade soaps an ideal option for the care of your skin:

To begin, you have to know that the making of these soaps, as the name tells us is handmade, that is to say that it makes use of traditional methods. This is cold saponification, which is a method that requires a minimum cure of 30 days. In this way, the soap can preserve all of its glycerin and with it perform a powerful hydration of the skin.

His composition- As we said these soaps are made with ingredients of natural origin, as are vegetable oils that provide greater nutrition and hydration of our skin.

Environmental care- In its production, the handmade soaps try to take care of the environment, minimizing the use of unnecessary and harmful containers for our planet, such as plastics.

Its properties: in addition, we can not fail to mention that certain formulas make use of special essential oils that besides taking care of the skin have therapeutic benefits for different diseases.

You can understand then that the use of these qualities makes their effectiveness as soap is not affected and yet help sustainability and better skin care.

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