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Tips to Find the Most Suitable Metal Finishing Company for Your Venturing

Author: Cameron Melvin
by Cameron Melvin
Posted: May 22, 2018

If you are involved in manufacturing and supplying produces, be it domestic appliance, decorative items, furniture, or supplying of military implements, aerospace products or shipping accessories consisting of varieties of metals, then they need to be finished with desired plating also called electroplated before delivery. The finish of the components needs to follow the clients’ specification, environmental standards, application needs, and your quality policy.

Here comes the necessity of a specialized metal finishing company that can deliver you comprehensive solutions of metal finishes. No matter, whether it is aluminum, cast-iron, copper, electronic circuit boards, or non-metallic items, industries from aerospace to consumer products, plumbing, hardware, or accessories to military, shipping, automobile, engineering need consistent services of metal finishing company worldwide.

In order to find a suitable company that can deal with your metal finishing jobs effectively as per standard, you need to make due research on the following points:


A state-of-the-art metal plating unit with needed treatment section, plating mechanism or powder coating apparatus and tools boasts its preparedness to support various demands of your customer. Even though, you may require only power coated component supplies or general anodized implements currently, however, as per necessity your client can always look for hardcoat anodizing or cadmium electroplated components.

If the plating company you choose work only on power coating than, you simply cannot cater the need of your clients when they search for divergent plated items. This just not lessens your credibility, but on the other hand, opens the passage to invite your competitor. Therefore, being in the industry, find a metal finishing company that can support you all the way, be it any sort of anodizing, all types of plating solutions and even liquid paint finishing.


Infrastructure is not the only criterion that ensures you consistency of metal finishing if the company is not well equipped with expert technicians, well-trained labors, and supervisors to observe procedures and take care of client’s concerns. Remember, companies like aviation, defense, shipping or electronics PCB developers, decorative product manufactures will never give you the scope of making even a minute mistake that employ electroplated solutions for services as well as business.


Undeniably, if you cannot maintain delivery schedule as per client’s requirement, you will be simply nowhere in the high competitive marketplace. Never go for a company that is overloaded with plenty of jobs works but cannot make customers satisfied with timely supplies. Your metal finishing company should value the significance of timely delivery, which will always keep you ahead with excellent customer services.

Array of Services offered by Metal Finishing Company

  • All Standard Industrial Plating Services (includes tin, copper, nickel, zinc plating);
  • Specialized Plating Services (like cadmium plating);
  • Precious Metal Plating (like gold, platinum or silver plating);
  • Anodizing Services (Anodizing I, II and Hardcoat);
  • Powder Coating;
  • Liquid Color Painting
Sun-Glo Plating Company, a metal finishing company providing services like metal plating, type I, II & III anodizing, conversion coating, liquid painting, electroless nickel plating, harperizing, tumble finishing, powder coating, vapor degreasing, wet paint, CNC Machining, and more for both small sized and industrial sized clients. To know more, visit

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Gold is also highly durable when it is placed on a specific metal. Since it is a malleable material, it is easy to create a thin layer over other metals like nickel. It creates a highly durable surface and makes the metal long lasting and easy to use

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