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Orthopedic Doctor Choices

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Apr 11, 2014
orthopedic doctor

Having an orthopedic illness demands immediate attention as nobody wishes for bone or tissue problems to become further aggravated. There are tremendous advancements in the field of orthopedics, but patients feel they are completely dependent on doctors in order to receive healthcare. In other words, it is the doctor chosen by the patients who determines the quality of treatment they receive. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, about 27,773 doctors practice orthopedics in US. Thus, choosing an orthopedic doctor is an extremely taxing albeit important task. It might not seem as such but there are several very important factors that need to be considered when choosing an orthopedic surgeon.

The comfort zone

One of the most important factors while choosing an orthopedic doctor is the patient’s own rapport with the doctor. It is better that the patients are completely at ease with the doctor while communicating their diseases and problems. Moreover, it is important that the patient is able to discuss openly with the doctor their issues. If the patient is completely satisfied with the doctor’s answers, and the doctor allots appropriate time and attention to the patient, they feel more comfortable with their service.

A local doctor

Rather than pursuing a celebrity orthopedic doctor who has to be reached by plane or long travel, it is recommended that patients choose a doctor who can be available immediately. Local doctors have the advantage of being readily available for their patients’ treatment, rehab and any other problem that requires immediate consultation.


Second opinions are extremely valuable when choosing an orthopedic doctor. Family doctors, physicians, local practitioners and clinical doctor’s opinions help immensely. They are capable of providing a list of competent doctors for their patients and would also explain their specialty and general reputation. Similarly the patient’s family and friends who have experiences with orthopedic doctors can also act as good advisers. If there are no references, patients can also Google search for the best orthopedic doctor or visit their nearest hospital for some guidance into the matter.

Specialty and credentials

It is extremely important for the patients to check on their doctor’s specialty field and credentials. Patients should ascertain the doctor’s degrees, certifications, and training. This will help them gain a complete insight into the doctor’s expertise whereas interviewing the doctors themselves would help patients discover the experience level and practicing successes and failure of the doctor. It is recommended that patients ask doctors about their past cases, their handling procedures, residency experiences, and other field related questions aimed at assessing the doctors’ knowledge, practicing experience, dissertation, communicative powers and willingness to answer complicated questions.

Selection of an orthopedic surgeon should be done mindfully, by reviewing the doctor’s past experiences, success rates, patients’ satisfaction, certifications, degrees and trainings, second opinions and recommendations. However, the most important factor is the patient’s own relationship with the doctor. It is strongly advised that such a doctor should be chosen who satisfies the patient in every way.

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