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Great Miniature Gardens Start with Hardscape

Author: Lauren Kyes
by Lauren Kyes
Posted: May 23, 2018

Today we are going to confront a hard truth - not everyone who loves miniature gardening has a green thumb. I know that gardening was a skill I had to learn and not something that came naturally to me as it does to some people. I had to give myself permission to kill a few miniature plants while eventually, I learned how to keep the plants alive. I never allowed myself to get discouraged. Being positive is the key to success in anything; never let your fear of failure prevent you from attempting a hobby that you love. One of the coolest things about miniature gardening is that there are products to help you gain confidence, while brightening up your space and decorating it with garden accessories and fairy houses.

Hardscapes are an overlooked product, but they are the foundation for miniature gardens. Examples of hardscape materials are small-scale rocks, pebbles, and gravel that come in a variety of colors and sizes. These natural stones emulate lakes, paths, mountains, and even beaches in fairy gardens. They can add a decorative enhancement by covering the soil in containers or miniscapes while reducing the number of weeds that pop up. Other hardscape miniature accessories are fairy mulch, as well as stepping stones and pathways. To gain some concepts on how to use hardscape in a fairy garden, consider scaling down real-sized gardening designs.

A friend of mine, who cannot keep any plant alive, painted large round rocks to look like cacti. These real-sized artistic 'plants' decorate her front porch and provide curb appeal - even when she is gone for weeks at a time. Painting rocks to look like cacti is an ideal project for people who like to have miniature plants, which are extremely low maintenance, in their home. To accomplish this task, the gardeners can use small-scaled river rock. Natural stones painted to resemble miniature plants will beautify your home every day, and no one will have to care for them, especially when gardeners do not have the time or energy to pull weeds and groom plants.

My favorite hardscapes are the ones that simulate a beach scene. During my travels throughout the world, I feel that the most beautiful sites include sitting on a beach and looking out into the endless ocean. To recreate this scene in a container fairy garden, I will plant sun-loving Heron's Bill and Lavender Cotton plants in the background. The remaining area of the container will have beach sand and glass pebbles covering the soil. Next, I intend to add a beach chair, which mimics where I had been sitting down, with a cooler full of ice and beverages set nearby. Flip flops tossed in the sand; provide a gentle reminder of my leisure vacations. To preserve my memories, I will include a shark fin to look as if it is swimming in the ocean and adding an air of mystery into the miniscape. My final touch will be selecting a garden fairy that matches my vision of the beach. I fell in love with Marina, who is a brunette mermaid with a blue tail laying on her side and enjoying the sunshine along the water's edge.

Using hardscape produces an easier-to-care for miniature garden, and it encourages a pleasant experience with gardening. The place I was thinking of setting my new creation is on my patio, which needs some summertime personality. Consider using hardscape in your fairy garden to prohibit weeds from growing and add a decorative element to your design.

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