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6 Reasons to Be Concerned about Indoor Air Quality

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: May 23, 2018

When poor air quality is mentioned, many people have mental images of smog hanging over cities. The air inside a building comes less to mind, but that’s where most people receive their greatest exposure to contaminated air. Indoor air can be a serious problem, partly because it’s where people spend a majority of their time. An indoor air quality consultant in Norcross, GA, can help you evaluate your home or business environment and make recommendations to improve air quality. Here are typical issues associated with indoor air quality.MoldWherever there is a damp environment, mold may be present. It’s a major cause of indoor air pollution. People react differently to mold, anything from a slight reaction to severe. The most common reaction is discomfort such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes and skin irritation.DustFine particles of dust are everywhere. In buildings, dust gets circulated by HVAC systems. Sources of dust are many, including soil, pollen, human skin, pet danger, and more. Dust makes many people wheezy and congested. You’re never going to stop dust from happening, but you can lessen your exposure.AllergiesMore people seem to be suffering from allergies every year. While not the only reason, indoor air quality is a major culprit. Allergies can be triggered by the circulation of mold and dust in your home, making the control of these contaminants important. AsthmaThis serious medical condition can be worsened by contaminants in indoor air. Asthma causes breathing airways to narrow, causing shortness of breath. For anyone with a severe case of asthma, it can be life threatening and must be taken very seriously. People with asthma need to limit their exposure to anything that aggravates the condition. Good indoor air quality is essential for asthma sufferers.OdorsYou’ll never see poor quality indoor air, but you may smell it. Musty odors can exist inside buildings because of air quality. Bad smells become a quality of life issue. It’s unpleasant for you and your visitors. You’ll want to clean up any sources causing odors.More Frequent DustingIf there’s a lot of dust circulating in your air, you’ll find yourself cleaning surfaces more frequently. With more particles in the air, it’s only to be expected that they will accumulate. That means you’ll be dusting more often.Enjoy Cleaner Indoor AirImproving the air inside buildings is possible. An indoor air quality consultant Norcross GA, can offer you suggestions for eliminating many of the contaminants that foul indoor air. Considering the time people spend indoors, taking steps to improve air quality is a wise decision.

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