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How to Convert Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter and How to Optimize Battery Using Solar.

Author: Loom Solar
by Loom Solar
Posted: May 24, 2018

What is Solar Charge Controller?

Solar charge controller control the ray of sun going into battery to recharge battery. It is a significant portion of the system which charges the battery and its objective is to avoid damage to the battery due to overcharging.

What are the types of solar charge of controller?Types of Solar Charge Controller

There are several types of charge controllers – most of which stem from these two; the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controllers, and the maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

There are two kind of solar charge controller basis its efficiency.

  1. PWM Technology
  2. MPPT Technology
What is a PWM Solar Charge Controller?

PWM Technology: It makes connection from solar panel to battery bank, here we have to ensure that solar panel voltage and battery bank should tally, so that battery can charge it properly or if any mismatch happens battery will dry and its charging will not work.

Solar Charge Controller – How to Convert Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter!What is a MPPT Solar Charge Controller?

MPPT Technology: It give maximum power point tracking, where there is no loss of power, it utilizes 100% efficencity so no loss is reported in this technology.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller – Reviews, Specifications, Features in Hindi & English!Use of Solar Charge ControllerUsages of Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controller has many features:

  1. You can set the charging current on which battery will charge
  2. It also stops solar panels to drain battery power backup if there is no use of battery.
  3. It also disconnects all load of house, if battery is low, and again light the room if battery is charged properly
  4. It has digital display features where you can view voltage of battery, ampere display coming from solar panel.
  5. There are multi-brands in the market to buy this product, but good news is you can buy all at one place of loom solar website. It is India’s premier solar online store for off grid Plate systems and on grids solar systems in India.
  6. Plate Charge Controller is more useful for those customer who is already running their normal inverter and battery and wants to migrate to solar. So they just need to buy solar charge controller to connect it with solar.
  7. It is advisable that voltage capacity of inverter, battery, charge controller and solar panel should be same. If you already have 12 volt inverter and battery then you should buy 12 volt solar panel with controller to run it smoothly.
  8. There are many brands in India for this product, but Luminous, Microtek and Su-kam are popular brands as these companies are serving to Indian consumer for more than two decades.
  9. It comes in various sizes basis voltage and current ampere capacity, this year attraction towards solar sudden increased of consumer therefore manufacturer, dealer and wholesales have started to get availability of such item in small retail store.
  10. Our recommendations is to use MPPT technology as it gives more efficiency than others and also it has no loss of ampere. All new inverters that is coming to market are made with MPPT technologies.
How to select the best charge controller for you?

First, and possibly most important issue to understand when choosing the best solar charge controller is its use – understanding the significance and value of the device is bound to influence your decision, and the way that it could ultimately affect the delivery and lifespan of your solar system, and overall – your life.

There are however, other factors to put into consideration including:

Voltage Requirements: 12V or 24V

Types: The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controllers, and the maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Other Attributes: Features like control relays, communications alternatives, electronic display and remote metering will also be available on some solar charge controller versions.

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