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Pokemon Go News Update 28th May 2018:- New Glitch Hides Shiny Pokemon in Screen

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Posted: May 27, 2018
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Pokemon Go News Update | Pokemon Go News Reddit | Pokemon Go News Twitter | Pokemon Go Update News

Hey, looking for pokemon go news update, then you are at right place. Here you will get Pokemon Go Game News Updates, Pokemon Go News Twitter, Pokemon Go News Niantic, Pokemon Go Twitter Official News Update on a daily basis. We will update pokemon go news daily to provide immense satisfaction to pokemon go players and let them connect more with pokemon go game.

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Pokemon Go News Update 28 May 2018 | Pokemon Go News TwitterPokemon Go News Today -

Last Updates at 12:40 PM

  • Pokemon Go All Adventure Week Quests, Shiny Spawns, and Rewards are there.
  • Pokemon Go's New Glitch Hides Shiny Pokemon in Catches Screen

Pokemon Go News Update 27th May 2018:-

  • Pokemon Trainers, Here is the new Pokemon is found named Omanyte. Caught your own Omanyte pokemon on this Adventure week event.

Omanyte is one of the ancient and long extinct Pokemon that people have regenerated from fossils.

Pokemon Go News Update 26th May 2018:-

  • Pokemon Go Complete List of Alolan Forms Revealed in data (see image given below)
  • Pokemon Legendary update for June 2018, as Research Quests make a Big change in pokemon go game
  • Pokemon Go adventure event week live now
  • Rainbow Spotted In Game's Skyline (1 hour ago)
  • Pokemon Go's adventure week events will bring Extra Rewards, XP and more Rock Types

Pokemon go trainers should prepare themselves for the next Field research task starting in June 2018. Before starting the task complete your research to looking for the Legendary Electric and Flying Pokemon Zapdos.

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  10. Pokemon Go New Quest System revamps the game, however you play
  11. The Pokemon Go Fest lawsuit cost Niantic $1.58 Million
  12. Pokemon Go is Asking Players to pick up trash for earth day
  13. Pokemon Go' is Celebrating Earth Day April 22nd
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Pokemon Go News Update May 2018:-
  1. Pokemon Go Community Day Event: Times, Featured Pokemon Mareep and Bonus explained
  2. Pokemon Go Weather System is Broken
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  4. Woman Playing Pokemon Go Game Finds Missing Man (ABC News)
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  8. Google Play Awards nominees include 'Lifesum', 'Pokemon Go', and 'PUBG Mobile'.
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  14. May Will Bring A New Legendary Research Reward For 'Pokemon Go' Players
  15. Wizards Unite Features We had to see carried over from Pokemon Go and Ingress
  16. It's time For Pokemon Go to make a Comeback
  17. Pokemon Go Will Raise Level Cap, Add Gen 4 Pokemon
  18. Pokemon Go: lllinois Park Asks for Removal of Pokestos, Gym (Latest News)
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  34. Pokemon Go Maker Niantic plans to Build AR Maps with users help
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