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The Competitive Advantage Of A Property Management Website

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Apr 12, 2014
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Even though most of your property management is usually a local marketing endeavor, do not underestimate the power of your property management website. Think about it, if a prospective tenant is searching for a new place to rent, where would they head to first? The Internet is most likely the first place that they decide to start looking, in this day and age. Therefore, your property management website will make the first impression that your prospective tenants gather about you.

Attracting the Right Tenants

You need to gain a competitive advantage over other property management owners by ensuring that your website makes an impression that attracts contemporary renters, cultivates your business and helps you to maintain a steady influx of great potential renters to keep your properties filled with people who appreciate your properties and pay their rent on time. After all, any property management website can attract bad potential renters, but successful websites can attract the best ones out there.

Here are some topics to consider when evaluating your website:

  • Branding & Design – You want your website to be aesthetic to the eye, as well as user-friendly and structured so that navigation is easy. Keep the design organized and clean, with a professional appeal. Ensure that your company logo stands out, yet mingles well with the rest of the design. Your visitors should be able to find their way through your site easily and search through your property listings with ease.
  • Advertisement – The main concept of your website is to effectively promote the vacant properties that you own, so it will be vital to have a website that is easy to update as properties are rented and become available. Think about the renter’s perspective when you are posting your properties. Most prospective renters expect a virtual experience that basically walks them through the property. Therefore, the more pictures that you can post for each property, the better. Make sure that the photos that you take and post are clear and crisp and show the floor plans nicely.
  • Tracking & Analytics – Any serious website owner will tell you that tracking and analytics are a vital part of their website marketing. By tracking information about the website, such as page views, click through rate and time spent on each page, you will gain a better understanding of which properties people spend more time looking at. Understandably, tracking and analytics may be confusing at first, but they will provide you with crucial information from behind the scenes of your website.

While you essentially could build and design your own property management website with software and design programs, it is a smart business move to hire a professional who has the skills and knowledge to create a successful website. Once your vision has been transformed into your property management website, you should double check that all of the graphics and images on your website can be viewed correctly on Mac, PC and mobile versions of your website. If you hire a web designer to help you with your website, you can spend your time managing your properties, rather than trying to finagle the foreign waters of web design.

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Author: Robert Smith
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