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Health Insurance for Senior Citizens: 6 Factors to Consider!

Author: Sidharth Kapoor
by Sidharth Kapoor
Posted: Jun 06, 2018
senior citizens

Although you may be doing much more for your aged parents or other senior citizen relatives, one of the best things to take care of them will be getting medical insurance.

The chances of medical emergency striking seniors are more, and that’s when availing Health Insurance for Senior Citizens can work wonders to help you financially deal it.

With so many health insurance plans available online and offline, you may get confused and not know what to consider!

Thus, to help you make uniformed decision, let’s provide you some factors that you should consider while buying or considering medical insurance for senior citizens.

  1. Age

One of the crucial factors while deciding for a reliable health insurance plan for senior citizens is the age factor. Even the best features of a policy is not useful if it’s exceeding age as per the norms of a policy. However, many public sector insurers offer insurance schemes for seniors in the age bracket of 60-80. Some of them may not even a maximum entry age also. A good insurance policy is that which lets people enter at the age of 80. Thus, you should consider a plan that offers longest coverage tenor, maximum entry age and a medical cover going for a longer period.

  1. Insured sum

  2. With the age of seniors advancing, health risk also increase and they need health cover protection of higher value. The concept is simple to understand – higher the face value of a policy is, higher will be the finally availed coverage.

  1. The coverage

Ensure that a medical insurance for senior citizens comprises of covering a large range of diseases, especially critical and life-threatening ones. It is vital to note as with an advance age, the instances of their occurrence increases.

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions

People need to wait for a particular time to claim for pre-existing medical conditions. However, in the case of senior citizens, one needs to watch the waiting period for covering pre-existing diseases as the instances of their occurrence increases with age. Thus, look out for a policy that covers all pre-existing ailments with a minimum waiting period.

  1. Hospital network

It is another area of concern for not only senior citizens but for all. Unless a probable health insurance service provider does not have a vast network of hospitals, it will be difficult to ask for a claim. Ensure that your insurer also offers you a reimbursement facility when you get treated at a hospital out of its network.

  1. Premium

Premiums are the amount that you pay to your insurer to keep health insurance active and to grab the pre-determined benefits. Some companies may ask for a higher sum premium amount to provide you more benefits and reduce the waiting period for pre-existing diseases. If you are a healthy senior citizen, you can still avail all such facilities at a lower premium. Thus, carefully gauge your condition, and then opt for a policy that answers your needs inside out.

The Bottom Line

You are now aware of some of the vital considerations that you should make before buying insurance for senior citizens. Considering These Points before Purchasing Medical Insurance For Senior Citizens and then making a decision will help you grab a useful policy in the end. You can now easily buy medical insurance for senior citizen policy online, and even compare all offers to pick out a good deal concerning your needs and affordability!

About the Author

Sidharth Kapoor is a well-known financial insurance advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy.He has worked on different financial sectors dealing with the entire range of Insurance.

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