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Why ICO community management is a great marketing tool

Author: Sujit Kumar Pathak
by Sujit Kumar Pathak
Posted: Jun 04, 2018
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When it comes to marketing your ICO, Telegram community management is a real deal. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Telegram has a special place in the hearts of enthusiastic crypto investors. It makes Telegram the most popular communication network for ICOs. However, the aforementioned popularity of Telegram is for two main reasons in particular. One, there are not many tools available that can help keep track of the number of likely participants in ICO main sales. Telegram serves as a major tool that gives new as well as known ICO companies such metrics. Two, Telegram channels are a great way to provide fast and quality customer support. A major problem that big-time exchanges like Binance or Coinbase face is having to handle millions of requests and queries. It makes their customer support slow and inefficient. A Telegram community channel solves this problem, where an admin or a person from the team can be contacted directly and deal with the queries of customers on a more efficient and personal level.

The number of members in a Telegram community indirectly reflects how successful that particular community is. It acts as social proof which is a great marketing tool; as it draws more participants and investors in. Thus, a large and tidy-looking ICO community has better chances at success.

Airdrops are one way to draw new members to the community. But, this trick has its own drawbacks. The members who join the community as a result of airdrops may only be people who stepped in just for free coins. There is a fat chance that they may leave the group by the time of main sale. The token sale may be affected adversely due to it and may not even achieve the soft cap.

Also, there are people who step into the community just to disrupt the normal business conduction by spreading shills (exaggerating comments about a cryptocurrency) and FUDs (stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). To maintain the health of a community, it is crucial to keep such factors in check. This is where Telegram community management comes in. The job of a community manager includes keeping the community tidy (free from shills and FUDs) and also growing it simultaneously at a steady pace.

Good Telegram community management makes your community look more legit and credible for investment. It promises potential participants for your ICO token sale. This is why companies like Binance invest time and resources in community management. There are in fact ICO community management services that ICO companies hand over their community management work to. It makes it easier for them to focus on core functions like main sale, product development, and launch.

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