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7 Tips For Creating Engaging Social Media Caption

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jun 04, 2018
social media Mere physical presence does not suffice in today’s world as far as your awareness is considered. What makes you stand out from a crowd is your presence on the social media. How well you are portraying yourself, how active you are, how much updated information you have, all of these form your entire personality in today’s media crazy era. We have become, what can be called as, media fanatics. We are always super excited to share anything and everything on the social media. But the content that attracts most followers is the one that makes leaders out of these fanatics. To get followers for ourselves, we need to delve into the depths of our understanding regarding what would make us follow a particular person or on the contrary, what would make us unfollow them. Are we attracted to the content, the personality of the presenter or just to the fact of him/her being already popular amongst the masses? You need to ask yourself, Is the content you are following relevant to you? Or is it going to help you in your profession? Are they having contests and giveaways? Most of these factors play a vital role in deciding if you want to follow someone or not. Now here we’ll look into this aspect of content relevancy and social media presence regarding the number of followers generated or the rise in popularity of a particular social person. Here we have some simple steps which can help you get yourself noticed on the social media platform. Writing captions is an art. It should be impactful enough as to arouse curiosity on part of the viewer. It should be positive and inspiring so as to enable more and more audience with every single post. Let’s take a look at some of the tips to write catchy captions,
  1. Be proactive, stop being passive – use the active voice, where the subject, who’s doing an action, is important. This makes it more compelling and powerful. It is easier to project the action as they are cleaner and more direct in their delivery. It allows for shorter and more action oriented captions. For instance, ‘I have provided this link for more details’ sounds way more direct than ‘ this link has been provided by me to give you more details’. The passive version is not only longer but also distracts the viewer from the central idea. The whole point is to portray the usability of the content then why waste more time and words on conveying this idea when you can do away with a shorter version and that too much more direct and effective.
  2. The power of two lines – short and sweet captions are more effective. Don’t clutter your captions with too many words. Tell the story using visuals and use the caption to hit your viewer with the most important message. This will help you make the caption more impactful and hard hitting. Anything longer than this is most of the times not heeded. You might lose out on some of your followers by always sticking to longer and boring captions.
  3. Going long by being skimmable – people don’t usually read word from word, so if you need to provide a longer caption, you could use capital letters, spaces etc. to highlight the important words. Make your text, even, attractive and appealing to make your audience figure out the main idea behind a post, easily.
  4. Be simple – use shorter and powerful words – this makes your caption easier to understand and definitely better than bigger and longer words. Stick with easy and unique English language that your audiences can get. For instance use best versus superior, use get in pace of acquire.
  5. Use positive language – rewrite your sentences to reflect positivity. For instance, change ‘don’t waste your time’ to ‘ Save time’. This reflects your optimism and also makes your captions short and easily understandable. Negative words are highly demoralising and often prove to be a turn off for a number of viewers. Use a pleasant way of addressing the audience and maintain a calm and positive tone throughout your captions.
  6. Put the important details in the copy – provide details like phone number, email address etc. In the video or visuals that you may be using. People usually see the visual first, so it allows you to provide the information without cluttering the space meant for caption. Having all of these details in the captions is a no brainer, everybody does that. But it disconnects the viewer from the main idea behind the post.
  7. Create a compelling social voice – it is important to understand your social voice. What the brand stands for? How are you as a person? This involves figuring out and then presenting your
  • Character and persona,
  • Tone,
  • Language, and
  • Purpose

You need to address the issues that compel you to take action and where you want your followers to follow suit. These tactics give your audience an insight into your personality or character and forms a majority of your audience base to appreciate your thoughts on an emotional level. Not necessarily every social cause is to be addressed but the ones particularly related to your ideology or your company’s working are to be taken into consideration.

These are some of the essential ingredients to a perfect formula to create engaging social media captions. These tips and trick s are, for sure, going to give you a wider follower base and a whole lot of love and attention from them. Striking that chord with your viewers is a tricky business these days with a slew of content available on the internet. So, go and explore yourself and evolve with your audience and become the leader amongst today’s media fanatics. Also, speak from the heart. Same old content gets monotonous and doesn’t call for attention from any new person. Moreover you may tend to lose the regular ones as well. So your caption should also capture this attribute. Speaking your heart out helps your audience to know you as a person and better appreciate your content. It is highly recommended to be connected with your audience in today’s times. It pays to be out there as you are definitely going to garner more love and attention when you are there for your audience. Provide them catchy titles or captions to excite them. Keep surprising your audience with fresh, adventurous and unexpected taglines in order to keep their morale high, in terms of liking your posts and following your content.

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