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How To Gradually Grow Your YouTube Channel

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jun 04, 2018
social media Mere physical presence does not suffice in today’s world as far as your awareness is considered. What makes you stand out from a crowd is your presence on the social media. How well you are portraying yourself, how active you are, how much updated information you have, all of these form your entire personality in today’s media crazy era. We have become, what can be called as, media fanatics. We are always super excited to share anything and everything on the social media. But the content that attracts most followers is the one that makes leaders out of these fanatics. To get followers for ourselves, we need to delve into the depths of our understanding regarding what would make us follow a particular person or on the contrary, what would make us unfollow them. Are we attracted to the content, the personality of the presenter or just to the fact of him/her being already popular amongst the masses? You need to ask yourself, Is the content you are following relevant to you? Or is it going to help you in your profession? Are they having contests and giveaways? Most of these factors play a vital role in deciding if you want to follow someone or not. Now here we’ll look into this aspect of content relevancy for blogs, particularly video blogs or simply videos, regarding the number of followers generated or the rise in popularity of a particular social person. We’ll look into the nuances of growing your follower base on YouTube channel.

In order to understand the process to achieve growth in your YouTube channel, first we need to know a little about some of the secrets of YouTube, the way it handles videos and similar things.

  1. YouTube doesn’t share your video to all of your subscribers immediately – this is true, once you post a video, only a percentage of your subscribers get to see the post. YouTube observes the activity on the video and then forwards it to the remaining section of the followers and even non subscribers. The videos which don’t get that much response are cast aside and not displayed to the rest of the viewers. The first few hours of posting the video matter a lot as they are critical to decide the fate of your video.
  2. To create playlists – basically you are creating a digital idea when creating a video. YouTube supports channels that are uploading content more frequently. You can create playlists keeping in mind the kind of searches people perform.
  3. To figure out Google trends – what’s trending, what’s not is the base of any kind of marketing. You can find how often a particular term is being searched on Google and YouTube as well, on Google trends website. You can also compare two terms.

Now, we need to understand circular video viralocity which is the core concept behind making your videos visible to maximum number of viewers.

Suggested videos are the number one tool to increase your viewership on YouTube. Almost 39% of our daily views come from a list of suggested videos. Let’s see how to achieve this kind of growth in your own YouTube channel.

To get more views implies getting more traffic. Actually observing the statistics regarding the source of traffic is necessary to assess what category you should target.

  • Suggested videos get almost 39% traffic
  • YouTube search gets to see 27% traffic
  • Browse features attract 15% of the traffic
  • Others account for 19% of the traffic
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The Jigsaw is a video production company headquartered in Mumbai and operating across the globe. Headed by media professionals, associated with leading broadcasters in the country. The Jigsaw is into video production, animation.

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