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4 Inspiring Uses Of Video At Your Business

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jun 05, 2018
social media Entrepreneurs need to invest in making videos for their business. It is inherent that they will want to go out there and communicate with their potential customers. How does one use videos in an efficient manner for their business? Let us see some fresh and exciting uses of video in order to realize ambitious goals in business. In order to get the right kind of exposure, videos are a must.We know the increasing demand for publicity or to be in the limelight. Mere physical presence does not suffice in today’s world as far as your awareness is considered. What makes you stand out from a crowd is your presence on the social media. How well you are portraying yourself, how active you are, how much updated information you have, all of these form your entire personality in today’s media crazy era. We have become, what can be called as, media fanatics. We are always super excited to share anything and everything on the social media. But the content that attracts most followers is the one that makes leaders out of these fanatics.

To stand out in today’s world of publicity and media presence, it is essential to understand the core of this industry. What makes you, a businessperson, alluring in order to get the maximum number of followers or customers. The more popular you become, the more the chances of you getting more customers. It all begins with marketing, especially social media marketing in this case. An appealing presence on the social media or any other web platform is guaranteed to give you the required edge over your contemporaries. In the marketing industry trends play an important role, in fact what’s the cutting edge, what’s hot in the present market scene is the foundation of any marketing approach. We are moving towards new ways to communicate with our audiences. And videos are highly interactive form of communicating with your audience.

To get followers for ourselves, we need to delve into the depths of our understanding regarding what would make us follow a particular person or on the contrary, what would make us unfollow them. Are we attracted to the content, the personality of the presenter or just to the fact of him/her being already popular amongst the masses? You need to ask yourself, Is the content you are following relevant to you? Or is it going to help you in your profession? Are they having contests and giveaways? Most of these factors play a vital role in deciding if you want to follow someone or not. Now here we’ll look into this aspect of content relevancy of videos regarding the number of followers generated or the rise in popularity of a particular social person or a company and the multifaceted significance these videos carry with them.

  1. To grow your audience base organically – videos are an excellent way to widen your consumer base. People these days want appealing content. It has to be fantabulous regarding its credibility for a longer period of time. Videos help you to have millions of followers in no time. As a majority of the population prefers to watch videos rather than read lengthy articles or see boring PowerPoint presentations about company ideology. Moreover every social media platform also wants or posts videos these days, with live stories being a real crowd puller. So when you put video content out there it is more likely to get bigger reach and make a bigger impact and really get your message heard by more people.
  2. Earn trust and build repute – when people actually see you speak about certain traits or characteristics or features of a company or a product that you are offering, they tend to trust you. They know you are speaking the truth or not. This serves as a gauge to measure or examine the trust you can place in the company or brand. Earning this trust is a real achievement as gaining trust is not a day’s game. Your trustworthiness can easily serve as your driving force in the market.
  3. Reprogress a lot of content – imagine killing two birds with a single arrow. Say you make a video for YouTube, be it of any duration, you can always trim it and use it on other social media platforms. For instance, a 30s video for YouTube could play up that role on Instagram and Facebook as well if you trim or divide it into sections of 5-10 seconds each.
  4. Teaser videos for better marketing – release teasers or trailers for any upcoming promotion or sales campaigns. This builds up the intrigue and calls for excitement on the part of your viewers. It helps arouse curiosity and impatience, in a positive way, to make up the foundation of your audience base. It starts gathering viewers before the actual launch of a product and thus instills confidence in the company and helps it to take a look at its following, even before releasing the product in the market.

As we already know that Content is King in today’s scenario of publicity frenzy. Not only do we want good quality content but also long lasting, evergreen content. Data has always been the driving force for targeted marketing plans or efforts whether they are about how to be more progressive, how to be smart, more efficient or more productive ultimately. Data continues to drive our efforts in this direction. People today have difficulty in memorising things, especially something that serves them no purpose. So, it becomes highly necessary to make your content or data strong enough as to withstand the test of such times. We need content which can make people remember the content and visualize the effectiveness (as in compatibility) of that content in their life. We need something which people relate to as it helps them associate the content with their daily lives. Videos are an excellent way to achieve all of this. Hence it is critical in determining the growth of your business if you want to reap its benefits in a proper way.

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The Jigsaw is a video production company headquartered in Mumbai and operating across the globe. Headed by media professionals, associated with leading broadcasters in the country. The Jigsaw is into video production, animation.

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Author: Shashank Sharma

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