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Preliminary Cost of Buying A Franchise in Canada

Author: Canadian Franchising
by Canadian Franchising
Posted: Jun 06, 2018

These days, investing in a franchise is cool! Actually, it is an even better option than starting a business from scratch. You have the advantage of running a tried and trusted business with a brand name already recognized widely. You do not have to learn the basics by yourself either. Your franchisor would be eager to see you succeed and will not hold back while training you and your team members.

Of course, you need to look at the franchise opportunities in Canada at present. Choose your opportunity wisely, for it is your money that will be on the line. Fortunately, there is no lack of quality franchises available in Canada and you can to have your pick by going through the best franchise directory catering to the citizens of the nation. However, you do need to think of the expenses while buying a franchise in Canada. It is not going to be a onetime investment and you must be prepared to lose money initially. Your business acumen will help you to break even in time, and you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor thereafter.

You definitely need to create a realistic budget and try to stick to it after you decide on a specific franchise that looks promising. Here are a few points worth pondering upon. Do check and prepare accordingly…

Initial Costs

Fee for Joining the Franchise- You need to pay a substantial amount to your franchisor to become a member of the franchise and use the brand name

Real Estate- You will need a place of operation. It can help you to evade this cost if you already have a place handy. However, certain big brands would expect you to purchase or build the store/shop as per their specifications. You are free to lease a small area for operating your business if there is no such clause mentioned in the agreement, but make sure you know what is expected for the franchise you are interested in.

Training – True, you and your staff members will be trained by the franchisor, but that does not necessarily mean it’s free. Understand your franchise contract, you may have to pay all related expenses including travel and living costs for the entire training period.

Décor & Equipment- You will need to furnish and equip your business in keeping with the regulations. This can include painting the room/building in company colors and having it decorated in accordance with the franchise rules. You may also have to invest in computers, credit card machines and a security system for effective running of the business.

Insurance- You may need to buy several types of insurance to begin operations. Most of the required insurance coverage would be mentioned in the agreement.

Miscellaneous- You also need to budget for incurring permits and obtaining legal advice. Accounting and advertising fees will also be a part of the initial expenses that you would have to bear.

This is not all though. You will also have keep investing money on a regular basis for continuing with the operations. Understand these costs before beginning your investment. Look to expert articles for advice from a range of industries and make sure you have a plan going in. Then seek tailored advice from a qualified financial guide.

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Canadian Franchise Magazine is a digital publication offers several Franchise Systems in Canada. Our magazine gives latest news, expert advice, and franchising information.

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