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How to Make Best Bathroom Furniture Upgrades

Author: Nicki Jenns
by Nicki Jenns
Posted: Jun 10, 2018

Bathroom furniture is a critically acclaimed part of every user-friendly bathroom. It is important to choose furniture that meets your bathroom as well as lifestyle requirements. For some people bathroom is a place to get a perfect cleanliness session, however for most of us, it is a place to unwind.

Forgetting the stress of the day and making plans of the future, a person does and achieves a lot in a bathroom. If not made to the best functional and aesthetical claims, a bathroom might not serve to its purpose completely.

Thanks to the sanity of experts, today we have a lot of trends and styles to pick the best suitable for our bathroom. While options are plenty, most of the times the choices makes us way to confused to pick the best one.

So, before we start discussing the best bathroom upgrade ideas, it is important to find out how to pick the best bathroom furniture for a significant upgrade. Here is a complete guide on the same.

Choosing the best bathroom furniture for an upgrade:

Whether you are customizing a new bathroom or trying to revamp an existing one, you need to choose the right furniture to make the most of it. Starting from a vanity cabinet to choosing the bathtub and the bathroom seats, everything is critical while making any type of changes.

You need to have the knowledge of setting tone and pre-decide about the focal point to make it right at the first go. You can go shopping online or hit a brick and mortar store to buy the best furniture for your bathroom upgrade project. Here is how to choose the best things:

  • Pick the right bathroom cabinet:

Before you even start checking the many choices available, it is important that you measure the space to ensure you pick something that allows you enough room to walk easily in your bathroom.

If you aren’t ready to compromise, you will have to knock down a wall or two to make enough room to accommodate both the furniture and your comfort. For a brand new bathroom, identify places for everything. Right allocation can help you choose better and more useful furniture items. You have endless choices of color, design and material to choose your favorite.

  • Choose the right and complementing style:

Just like we said, you have plenty of choices. While having choices is something good, having too many of them can intimidate you easily.

You can choose anything from standing vanities to hanging storage options to a fully fitted and fixed cabinet option. Each style suits different space and lifestyle requirements. The choices are to pick something that easy matches up with the surroundings easily or something that make itself stand out of the rest of the décor.

  • Selecting an impressive finish:

The furniture of your bathroom furniture is what decides the final look of your bathroom. A better finish means you will enjoy a personal feel and rich appeal. If you have a regular size bathroom, choosing light color furniture is recommended, however for the lucky people having a grand bathroom, dark and dramatic shades work the best.

  • A sink of style:

Depending on your taste and preferences, you need to find out the number of sinks you need in your bathroom. For a master bathroom you may need two or more sinks whereas in a guest room, having one sink is sufficient.

People having a grand bathroom should choose a double sink vanity. It not only looks better but also gives a rich feel to your bathroom set up and along with sorting the purpose. If you are working with a single sink, picking wall storage and floating shelves works great and fulfill your storage needs.

There are a lot of choices to consider:

While picking the best bathroom furniture, you will have plenty of ideas to consider. While some will fascinate you, most of them make you confused.

For example, the choice between a modular and fitted bathroom furniture is something that demands lots of brainstorming. With a fitted furniture option you get consistency of storage spaces, just like kitchen cabinets. Whereas, if you pick modular designs, it offers you furniture with individual purpose.

Another option that often confuses homeowners is wall hanging or floor mounted furniture for the bathroom. Wall hanging furniture works perfect when you are aspiring for a more organized look and cleaner ground area. It also assists in better cleaning and maintenance.

Best furniture upgrades for your bathroom:

There is a wide collection of bathroom furniture available in the market. If all these choices are too much pain for you, here are some of the best ideas available to pick for your bathroom furniture upgrade project.

Minimalism with functionality:

For people who admire simplicity in everything, a style offering minimalism and functionality is perfect. In this style you can choose small units that hang on the wall and are compact. This option works great for smaller bathrooms. These options are visually light and offer advanced space options below the basin to enjoy functionality.

Space maximization with furniture:

Thanks to the innovation, bathroom furniture is more functional than ever. They are compact yet expandable in nature. From bathroom stool to cabinets, everything can be pushed to the wall to make more space. This type of fittings hang on the wall and allow more room to walk and rewind.

Texture and designs:

If you are considering a total bathroom remodel, there are a lot of textures and designs that you can choose. The latest curvy and rustic designs in sinks are sufficient to make a difference in your interiors. The sinks are now also available in oval, disoriented and other sorts of designs.

Dark choices for steamy setup:

If you are bored cleaning the light interior, choosing something darker and warmer is the ideal solution. The steamy choices available in the market are best to upgrade your boring bathroom interior. You can choose a darker laminate for the vanity bar or pick a sink that has warm color.

More space in storage:

Everyone needs enough space to keep essentials in the bathroom. Picking storage that has enough space is a must but sadly, not all of us are blessed with sufficient spaces in the bathroom. Moreover, an elegant storage can also enhance the look of your bathroom.

Pick something that compliments the interior and accentuate the overall effect. Choosing something that offers longitudinal storage option gives your bathroom a more precise effect.


Picking the right types of accessory plays an important role in accentuating the overall look of the bathroom. Some of the popular accessories include shower curtain, shower curtains, soap holder, air freshener holder and more. Though not a typical furniture, accessories surely make a critical part of bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Vanity:

One of the most important part of bathrooms, the vanity case can make a lot of difference. There are many vanity options available that can easily intimidate you. So, how will you pick the best vanity? Make sure you have enough storage's and drawers to keep everything organized.

Buy something compact but never pick anything at the cost of functionality. You can choose designs and patterns to make a trendy choice. Pick wooden vanity but only with varnish to ensure longevity.

Modern toilet seats:

A modern design toilet seat can make your bathroom light up. It allows you to enhance the interior with a modern aspect. The latest one-piece toilet is a revolutionizing concept for modern and impressive interior. You can also choose eco-friendly options to make things better and satisfying. You also get a choice of colors to pick the best match with your interior.

Play with colors:

If you are a living soul in love with things extraordinary, playing with colors is something awesome. The spring collection options available in the market can be picked to revamp the bathroom. These colors aren’t just for the springs but perfect for all year round if you love bright and lively surroundings.

The luxury appeal:

There is no shortage of luxury items. You can pick items that are made to enhance the elegance. A modern shape toilet seat to single stone carved sinks and more accessorized medicine cases, all bring a luxurious appeal to your bathrooms.

An expert’s advice:

Although it is a personal choice, hiring an expert for the remodeling makes things much easier. The professional bathroom remodeling New Jersey expert will advise you the best way to revamp an old and conventional washroom to an advanced and functional one. They know the latest trends in the market and help you buy the best furniture ideas for the same. Moreover, they have links and thus hiring them can also bring your cost benefits.

Pick the best style and colors and remodel your bathroom look with the best choice of furniture. Furniture upgrade is a cost-effective way to remodel the bathrooms. Unlike modernizing the entire structure, it is a quick and less painstaking process.

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