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Hearing Aids Financial Assistance Plans in Ontario

Author: Armstrong Louis
by Armstrong Louis
Posted: Jun 11, 2018
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The number of people suffering from difficulty in hearing has simply not gone down, with the rise in population and pollution. However, it has become the tendency of many people to hide from these problems or simply ignore them, as their level of hearing difficulty appears to be quite low. But, the truth is that even remarkably small issues in such cases can cause serious problems long term. Therefore, you should immediately visit a hearing aid clinic even when you are facing any minor difficulty in hearing. (Information credit:

Nowadays, more hearing aid clinics have popped up in Ontario that employ skilled hearing aid practitioners that also provide hearing aids manufactured by renowned brands. To support their patients, many hearing aid financial assistance plans are offered to the people of Ontario if they meet the specified requirements. So, if you are living in Ontario and are worried about the cost of hearing tests and hearing aids you can look into applying for one of the financial assistance plans mentioned below.

  • 0% Financing: The 0% interest financing plan is for people who rely on fixed monthly pension solely and are unable to afford the prescribed hearing aid. This will allow the benefactor to pay the total amount through a 12-month installment scheme that does not collect any interest. Thus, it won’t put too much of a strain on the pensioner’s pocket. The 0% financing scheme also allows the flexibility to pay off the rest of the amount at one go.
  • WSIB: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) actually covers the costs of hearing tests as well as the hearing aid prescribed by the practitioner partially. It is basically for Noise Induced Hearing Loss at the workplace. The criteria include exposure to high decibel and the hearing loss level should be 22.5 decibels or above in either or both ears. If the patient was exposed for above 5 years to noise levels over 90 decibels for>8 hours per day then, they too can avail the scheme.
  • Veterans Affairs Canada: Those who are suffering from noise-induced hearing loss due to exposure to high noise levels in the battlefield is eligible for the Veteran Affairs Canada scheme. The exposure level is 100 decibels or frequencies like 500 Hz and higher. This plan covers the cost of annual hearing tests and examinations, and hearing aids. The scheme also supports replacement of hearing aids every five years.
  • Ontario Disability Program: The Ontario Disability Support Program (OSDP) provides financial assistance to a certain extent. Citizens of Canada who are eligible under this program will be able to buy hearing aids at a remarkably low cost. The scheme also covers medical expenses to a certain extent.
  • First Nations and Inuit: First Nations and Inuit suffering from hearing loss can reduce their cost of their hearing tests and hearing aids by choosing this scheme. The plan covers the total expense of hearing aids if the patient is also eligible for NIHB.
  • Private Insurance Coverage: The hearing aid clinics in Ontario also accept insurance schemes from several reputed companies. If the patient has already made an insurance plan that covers hearing loss problems then they will be able to avail them.
Most hearing aid clinics in Ontario understand that many people are not able to afford all the medical expenses from their pockets and thus support many of the various financial assistance plans that are most popular in Canada.
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