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Why Brands Will Go To Extremes With Digital Video In 2018

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jun 14, 2018
digital videos As we know digital marketing is garnering more and more viewers by each passing day, companies have already started capitalizing on this trend. With the excessive utilization of digital videos as a part of digital marketingcampaigns, there have been many a variants or say, evolved versions, of these videos. Everybody wants to make it big in their respective industry and everybody runs after ongoing trends, which is considered as the natural course of action. Trends are temporary things but true leaders make their own path and carve out trends for others to follow. Well, going by this logic, trends are not to be given airs. This is not come tell true, though, trends are definitely to be taken into consideration but they should not be followed so blindly that one doesn’t even give it much thought and flow with the tides of the times. To excel, a company needs to improvise. This is really significant in a dynamic corporate environment we are witnessing these days. Improvisation in terms of trends that the company comes across for their industry. It ensures your unique stand and also the possibility of you or your company carving out a totally new path or trend for your niche. Evolving from the set standards is the most natural step we can take, it is the most basic theory behind evolution. We improvise. So, how does it play in the digital video marketing industry. Well, the companies are definitely improvising from the prevalent video types and pushing the boundaries of imagination in every possible way. Let us see some of the practices followed by companies, willing to go to the extreme levels to succeed in their field, regarding digital video marketing.Digital videos are videos representing the company’s ideology, it’s working methodology, the status of employees in the company, their satisfaction level, their experiences, their growth, the history and journey of the company from the very beginning. They serve as a true reflection of the brand that the company wishes to portray or put out in the world out there. Hence, they are integral for any person or probable client to go through the digital video of the company before making any association with a particular company. One can know the gist of the company ideology through digital videos. So, they are really essential when considering associating yourself with the company, be it a job seeker, a client, a manufacturer or just a simple customer.

Now, it is understood that digital videos are very important to identify the nature of a company. For a job seeker, it gives out information about the working environment, for a probable client or customer, it gives out the values that the company believes in, for a manufacturer, it gives out the story of growth of the company and its significant past associations, if any. Therefore, there are multifaceted uses or impressions that a digital video portrays. How companies are improvising on this is to be seen? How can a company make it better? What more improvisations can be done to ensure a truthful image of the company?

Well, one improvisation that is going to heat up in 2018 is going to extremes regarding the length of digital videos. Companies are now considering longer digital videos providing a holistic view, not just a gist, of the company. As the importance of content grows, it is getting more and more essential to incorporate a major part of useful, helpful and informative content in a digital video. Content here referring to statistics, growth figures, company general policy, the values it believes in, how it handles its employees and how it handles the market competitors and what not. Some companies are now even putting out social causes and campaigns associated with those issues that they support. So, each and every nuance of a company is given out in the world. No detail is left out. But is anybody complaining? No, at least not publicly. Why, one might wonder, would companies be considering lengthy digital videos?

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The Jigsaw is a video production company headquartered in Mumbai and operating across the globe. Headed by media professionals, associated with leading broadcasters in the country. The Jigsaw is into video production, animation.

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