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Blockchain: Boon for the Internet Age

Author: Semidot Infotech
by Semidot Infotech
Posted: Jun 14, 2018
blockchain developer @ Blockchain developers are among the most seeked professionals right now!

We are living in the internet age, and all our works are dependent over the use of internet in one way or another. This has increased the security risks as well ranging from data/identity theft to the sale of fake products as well as monetary damages. Blockchain, even though it is in the initial stages of implementation, with the help of skilled blockchain developers, has proved to be the technology which can help us minimise these risks and provide authentication to products, documents and also facilitate speedy money transactions.

Various companies & organisations have realised the potentials that Blockchain holds, and have started investing in Blockchain, creating a huge pool of opportunities for the Blockchain developers. Semidot Infotech is among such handful of companies, providing blockchain based solutions to its clients by successfully delivering ERC20 tokens, crypto wallets, crypto exchange development marketplaces, as well as helping our clients successfully launch their ICOs.

Blockchain implementations are not only confined to the monetary benefits, rather, it is far more than that, just like an Iceberg, right now we are able to realize only 10% of its potential.

Blockchain has far more implementations that we have come across so far. We are aware that blockchain is very frequently used for monetary purposes, Bitcoin and Etherium being the most prominent examples. Various banks and organisations have started adopting blockchain as well to secure and expedite their money transfer process across the globe. Various ICOs have been launched in the same manner, as well as the various Crypto exchanges have also been a similar step in making the monetary transfer and facilitation easy.

However with the burst of ICO & cryptocurrency clouds, blockchain is emerging to be a one stop solution for almost all the needs, logistics, supply chain management and product authentication being the prominent ones. The other uses of blockchain are in the fields of Legal contracts, Real estate, Transport and tourism, Data solutions, education and certifications, platform for communities, IoT implementations, Healthcare, Government projects, retails, and many more.

How do we, Semidot, come into the picture?

With the help of its skilled blockchain developers, SemiDot Infotech is contributing in building the future, by facilitating the clients with the various blockchain services, We have successfully developed Crypto exchanges, ICO tokens, supply chain management systems, smart contracts, and have also helped our clients in moving from a normal platform to blockchain platforms. We are top Blockchain development company in USA.

With so ever changing technologies, change is proving to be the only constant thing. We, at Semidot, are always ready for the changes, and make sure that the new technologies are treated with utmost importance and respect, as we never know, among the pool of these technologies, what might become the new revolutionary change we need.

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