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How ICO community management is a great tool to boost sales

Author: Sujit Kumar Pathak
by Sujit Kumar Pathak
Posted: Jun 18, 2018

Today ICOs are one of the most common ways to raise funds for your business idea. Over the course of time, ICOs have grown considerably in popularity, as they don't require you to follow the traditional process of finding investors. The best part about ICOs is that investors can keep track of how their investment is being utilised by being part of an ICO community run by the company. This is where blockchain community management steps in.

These days community management is viewed as a great means of marketing. There are even many companies in the market that offer their ICO community management services. Now let's see how ICO community management can be great for marketing and help boost sales:

  1. It builds and grows your customer base: For a business, having customers is all that matters. The more customers you have, the more profitable and successful your business is. It is like building a fan base that supports you for a lifetime. An ICO community is basically a community of people who support the business idea of the ICO company. Good community management shows that the community is healthy, informative, reliable and worth being a part of. It attracts more participants who are willing to spend some money. It, thus, not only grows your customer count, but also skyrockets your sales, and grow your business.
  2. It creates brand awareness: In business, brand awareness is directly proportional to growth and prosperity. Good Telegram community management helps you create awareness about your brand in the market. A part of community management is reaching out to potential customers on a personal level and inspire an effective engagement. It puts your brand name out on the market map, and more people come to know about the existence of your brand and the quality you offer.
  3. It enhances the credibility of your brand: In the crypto-world, the success of an ICO is measured in terms of the number of members of that community. The communities that are well-managed and look free from scams, FUDs, and irrelevant conversations tend to have a comparatively high number of members. The more members a community has, the more credible the brand seems. It creates a sense of trust and credibility for your products and services. Therefore, customers tend to purchase your products more because they trust the quality you offer, which further leads to better lead generation, and more sales.

Now that you understand how ICO companies benefit from ICO community management, it is also crucial to realize if your brand actually needs community management or not. It depends on the volume of your community and whether the benefits will be worth your investment in community management services.

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I am an SEO specialist at SixPL, a digital marketing agency which specializes in writing ICO white paper and content writing services.

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Author: Sujit Kumar Pathak

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