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A New Lease on Battery Life

Author: John Hrq
by John Hrq
Posted: Jun 20, 2018
iphone battery

Imagine you’ve decided to go out after a long week of work. It’s just you, the gin and tonics, and your two favorite dancing shoes cutting a rug out on the floor. The minutes turn into hours, and soon the bartender is shouting last call. Tipsy and tired, you pull out your iPhone to call an Uber when you discover the unthinkable. Your iPhone is dead! “Impossible,” you say to yourself, “it was at fifty percent just an hour ago.” Suddenly, you’re forced to go around asking the dwindling crowd if anyone has a charger. But it’s too late. The bar is closing and you’ll have to walk all the way home on your increasingly sore soles, muttering “buy iPhone battery” to yourself with each step.

Sound familiar? Everyone knows the pain of having their iPhone die at an inopportune time. Sometimes it happens because you had forgotten to charge it the night prior. Sometimes it happens because you’ve used your iPhone to watch two straight seasons of The Office at work. But for many of us, our iPhones die because the battery is nearing the end of its earthly life. We can feel it as it struggles. Gone are the days of using your iPhone without worry. One minute it tells you you’ve got three hours of charge left, the next minute it sends you its last will and testament and self-destructs in your hand.

What can you do? Many people think the only solution is to buy a brand-new iPhone, an investment, which frequently costs hundreds of dollars. But why would you discard an entire iPhone because of one faulty part? When the battery on your car dies, do you drive it to the scrap yard and wash your hands of the issue? No, you buy a new battery. Then why not do the same for your iPhone?

iDemiGods has a huge variety of iPhone and tablet batteries at your disposal. There are at least two great reasons to consider replacing your battery instead of upgrading the entire iPhone. For one, its oodles cheaper. You could spend the savings on a new pair of dancing shoes, a pet iguana, or maybe you’re the type of person to stash the money away in a diversified portfolio. Secondly, it reduces waste. By choosing to give your iPhone a new lease on life with a replacement battery, you’re also choosing to be environmentally friendly! Your wallet wins and the earth wins. Sounds like a great deal to me.

The process of replacing your iPhone battery is simple: visit iDemiGods online, buy iPhone battery (which comes with an eight-piece tool kit), and have it shipped directly to you. We have a large variety of iPhone, iPad, and iPod components on our site. We’ve been distributing apple device components for over ten years, starting with the original monochrome iPod. Since then, the quality of our service and components has only improved. And there’s good news for those of you that want to keep your aging devices kicking: we’ve got factory new parts even for older iPhone and iPad models.

Is your iPhone battery on its last legs? Do you carry a charger with you everywhere and constantly look for the nearest open outlet? Does watching a simple video drain a tenth of your battery life? Then perhaps its time to consider a replacement battery. iDemiGods ships internationally and takes great pride in its customer service. Head on over to our site or contact us with any questions you may have and remember to come to us with any of your iPhone component needs!

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