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Top 10.NET Developer Tools You Cannot Miss Out In 2018

Author: Manish Patel
by Manish Patel
Posted: Jun 23, 2018
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In fact, having enough knowledge and skills to do any job is just a part of your battle. Also, you need suitable tools for reaching your goal and achieving success. When it comes to.NET developer tools, they are designed to increase both the productivity and work quality. Along with this, the.NET developer tools also help ASP.NET development company to handle their app development projects without any difficulties.

If you are a.NET Developer and look for the best developer tools, you can properly read this post that shares you a list of best tools for developers.

1. ReSharper

It is the best tool well-known for its ability to extend your Visual Studio experience. The good thing about ReSharper is that it adds refactoring, code analysis, handy shortcuts, built-in code generators and quick navigation to save time on typing. These are striking features of this tool that make it a granddaddy of every developer tool of Visual Studio.

If you are looking for a right tool to increase your code quality and productivity, ReSharper is a right choice for your needs. Most significantly, it comes with a thirty-day trail facility for free.

It not only adds more power for analyzing the code quality but also aids you in finding and addressing the errors very soon. This tool comes with many shortcuts for easy and quick navigation and refactoring. Here are few important tools as follow:

  • ReSharper - It is a code productivity tool
  • dotMemory – It is a.NET Memory Profiler used to prevent memory leaks from occurring
  • dotPeek – It is a.NET assembly browser and decompiler that is free to use
  • dotTrace – It is a.NET Performance Profiler used to optimize the code for better performance
  • dotCover – It is a.NET code coverage tool and unit test, runner

2. GitHub Extension for Visual Studio

It is a kind extension that directly connects IDE to the GitHub repositories. It is the best features of GitHub Extensions hat helps.NET developers to clone, publish and create their projects. Along with this, the great extension also provides you with a fantastic chance to view or create the pull requests easily within the Visual Studio platform.

3. SourceTree

If you are a newbie and decide to change to Git, you can opt for this great tool web development. As the free Git platform, SourceTree manages your local and hosted repositories through single easy GUI interface.

4. Microsoft Web Platform Installer

It is the best management software which is available for free. This tool makes it simple to access all latest components of Microsoft Web Platform. It includes.NET framework, SQL Server Express, Visual Web Developer, IIS and more. The best thing about this tool is that keeps.NET developer up-to-date and helps them to services accurately. This tool has done this task by installing the new version of every component automatically.

5. NuGet

As the package manager for.NET, NuGet permits developers to access many thirty-party libraries. Apart from that, it also helps you to share and create your tools. The impressive thing about NuGet is that it comes with more than ninety-eight thousand packages. It makes NuGet as one of the biggest databases of 3rd party elements for.NET.

6. SQLComplete

As an effective productivity tool, SQLComplete augments the Server Management Studio of SQL by using an extensive range of features. It includes navigation, script generation, tab coloring, etc.

7. Web Essentials for Visual Studio

It is an extension of Visual Studio that augments the main VS functionality by using useful and most powerful features such as enhanced intellisense and task shortcuts for JavaScript/HTML/CSS. These features make Web Essentials as the handy solution for web developers who are using Visual Studio as an original productivity booster.

8. Visual Studio Gallery

Visual Studio plays the most significant role development because it provides fast access to the templates, extensions, and controls of Visual Studio. It integrates with IDE to allow developers to access more than seven thousands products.

9..NET Reflector

Are you seeking a static analyzer and decompiler for a.NET framework?.NET Reflector is a right option for your needs. The important thing about this tool is that helps.NET developer to both understand as well as debug their.NET code such as 3rd party components. It is possible even though if they do not include any comments or documentation.

10. NDepend

Do you want to use the best extension of Visual Studio to analysis your static code? You can NDepend. It is a specially developed tool that aids you in measuring the quality of your code by using different metrics. It not only helps you to visualize the design but also let you estimate the technical depth in an accurate manner.


Error Logging Modules and Handlers are shortly called ELMAH. As the open source error logging and debugging tool, it allows you to use it for ASP.NET projects. This.NET developer tool is offered by Google.

You can use this tool when you websites are released into the wild. It is because it helps you to know the things that you are missed in the code. It is a specialized feature of this tool that allows you to complete the task easily and quickly.

I hope this Information helped you to get acknowledge the best.Net app development tools that can boost your development timeline. Do you know any more development tools to swift development timeline? We’d love to hear from you. Do let us know in the comments section below.
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Manish Patel is a Ceo of Concetto Labs, a leading mobile app development company specialized in Psd to WordPress development. We provide a one stop solution for all IT related services.

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