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4 Green Decoration Ideas to Apply in Your Bathroom

Author: Cynthia Madison
by Cynthia Madison
Posted: Jun 25, 2018
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Looking to design a green-colored bathroom, but don’t know how to proceed? We understand the dilemma. After all, green bathrooms aren’t as common as you think. And there aren’t many guides out there on designing one. But no worries. Your problem has been solved!

Below, we’ll discuss how to decorate a bathroom with a nice green color. Read up, and apply the following tips to your decoration project!

1. Know Your Color Combinations.

Not all colors work well with green. And that’s something to consider when picking out walls, floors, and bathroom equipment…

For example, orange and green don’t mix in a bathroom. Neither do red or blue – or most colors you can think of. In fact, green shouldn’t be the main color of your bathroom! It should be complimentary, working in tandem with other neutral colors!

What Works With Green.

Wood-like colors and their tones work well with green - as long as you don’t use wood designs excessively.

You see, green is an organic color. It reminds you of nature. And for that, you need other organic colors that blend with it. Those would be brown and white.

2. Just 1 Green Wall.

Any bathroom has 4 walls. And when picking wall colors – make sure that only 1 of those is green. A bathroom with 2 or more green walls looks odd. And as we mentioned before, green should be a compliment to another neutral color. What we recommend you do is color 1 wall green. And the other 3 walls should be white. The green-colored wall can have any design you wish. You could get geometric tiles, nice green wavy patterns, (or preferably) a full green wall.

3. What About Wood Designs?

You can add hardwood tiles to your bathroom floor for the organic look you want. But we do not recommend hardwood floors though. Hardwood is prone to deforming from moisture and humidity… And rest assured that your bathroom will have tons of moisture and humidity. Instead, get PVC wood composite, or PVC wood plank flooring. You’ll achieve a look similar to organic wood, and without the drawbacks.

Other Places Where Wood Looks Good.

Bathroom cabinets and vanities work well with organic designs. And they add a nice touch, especially for that green wall you have. In fact, your organic cabinets should be lined up against the green wall. The same goes for your sink and toilet.

Lining up your bathroom appliances against a white wall defeats the purpose of a green wall. Your green wall exists to create a natural mood in your bathroom. And so it must attract all equipment to it.

4. Small Appliances – But Not High Tech.

High-tech doesn’t really work with a green bathroom. Regardless, you want something that’s modern and operates well. So it’s best you go for staple options that don’t involve too much digitization. For example – no high tech toilets. Also, avoid electronic water heaters. Don’t get a sink bowl that’s too large in size. Settle for something that’s small but functional.

No Bathtubs.

They’re too bulky, and look ugly in any bathroom. Instead, we recommend you go for a shower stand. That’s more subtle, and more suiting of a small and organic environment!

5. Wall Material.

This step is important. Because not all walls work well with green shades. Square tiles are the worst type of walls for an organic environment. They’re very box-like, and they look too unnatural… Planks are acceptable though – but those go on floors, not walls. Instead, you need an option that eliminates the look of tiles. You want walls with no lines of separation between tiles.

For that, we recommend you…

Bathroom Wall Panels.

They come in a variety of forms and options. While you can get some as square wall panels, most look like rollout wall paper. With the difference being the material and toughness… Generally, interior wall panels are quit tough. Most are made from PVC with plastic finishes. So they’re durable, and last you a long-time. And not only do interior wall panels work in bathrooms. But they work out of bathrooms too! We highly recommend getting some for you bathroom decoration. It’s a worthwhile investment in looks and maintenance!

Where Can I Find The Panels I Need?

Head online, and search for bathroom wall panels. This should give you a list of options to look for. Check out the stores, and explore the organic options that they offer you!

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a senior contributor to popular niche publications.

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