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Design and make of Russian Nested dolls of Russia

Author: Smart Web
by Smart Web
Posted: Apr 17, 2014

The process of making nested Russian dolls is still the same since the time of its first make in 1890. The makers now across the globe follow the rules and tricks of its first maker Vasily Petrovich zvyozdochkin. Vasily petrovich zvyozdochkin was a genius doll maker who got inspired by the Japanese Duruma doll from his visit to Honshu, Japan.

How nested doll are made?

The original nested doll which is commonly called Matryoshka doll was made up of wooden lime and birch. The timber used in making this doll should be very soft and moist, the wood used for making nested dolls are cut in the early spring, then filtered in the barks and then it is left in place where it is prevented from getting cracked and dried up. The timber kept this way is later stacked up in piles and are left with little space in between them for the flow of air. Most of the time the timber used for making the nested dolls is kept in open air for years to acquire desired condition; it is only prevented from getting dried up. The moment when the timber becomes completely usable for making dolls the timber los are then sawn in desired billets for making dolls. The whole process of making nesting dolls is quite lengthy and takes around 15 operations before finally getting the desired look.

Russians admires nested dolls

The Russian artists who made these nested dolls initially didn’t take it seriously. The piling up of timber, doing the whole process of stacking was a little too much of a pocket pinch, but since the dolls were vastly admired by the children and the adults as well the trend of making the dolls increased. During the initial days of the nested doll painting only face was painted along with mane, the facial expressions were given more importance to depict the character of the doll than its attire. The dolls were inspired by the local peasants, tradesmen, artists and noblemen, the basic reason of painting these dolls were to create awareness about the jobs of these local men.

The dolls mad in the very beginning by Sergiev Posad were straight, strict and oval, the heads were huge and the bodies were extremely minutiae. The dolls initially looked disproportionate due to the uneven distribution of face and body but later the distribution was equaled with the painting of complete body.

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