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Organic Green Tea Powder

Author: Matcha Maiden
by Matcha Maiden
Posted: Jul 03, 2018
matcha maiden

What happens when you combine our magical organic green powder, aka matcha, with raw, vegan caramel chocolate, or with organic silica powder, or coconut ice cream OR even with bone broth… you get some of the most INCREDIBLE creations by some EPIC brands.

You may not know but our Matcha Maiden organic green tea powder has been used in some of the coolest ways. We’ve narrowed done a few products for you to appreciate matcha’s versatility and amazingness!

Matcha Caramel Chocolate- a Matcha Maiden x Loving Earth collaboration

Yep, you may be fully aware of this already but in Easter we launched our first EVER limited edition matcha chocolate that we cleverly called ‘BLOCK PAR-TEA’ (well we thought it was clever anyhow). We clearly underestimated how much the world needed a matcha chocolate as we unexpectedly sold out in only 3 days in our initial launch! In hindsight, it made sense- Loving Earth makes the BEST raw, vegan, refined sugar free, ethical and guilt-free chocolate and we pride ourselves in the quality and affordability of our organic green tea powder (matcha). How could you possibly say no to a matcha caramel chocolate when it’s with Loving Earth? Thankfully, it’s back on our website (and is only exclusive to our website) for you all to purchase and try! Click here to shop!

Matcha face masks- a Simple As That Skin creation using Matcha Maiden.

The LEGENDS at Simple as that Skin are the master minds behind this next-level rejuvenator. Utilising and taking advantage of the high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in matcha, they’ve created a Matcha Mask using our Organic Matcha Maiden green tea powder and Organic silica powder that will leave you feeling fresh and looking as radiant as ever! They’re products are all vegan, organic and fair trade too! Winning!

Coco Tribe Matcha Green Tea Ice cream- a GF, DF, RSF ice cream for all!

When you can get a matcha ice cream that is gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, preservative free and ORGANIC, you know the world is moving in the right direction! Our friends at The Coco Tribe have made a health-conscious-matcha-lovers dream come true with their matcha coconut ice cream using our Organic Matcha Maiden matcha powder. It’s the guiltiest guilt-free treat we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting- definitely a MUST if you haven’t yet!

With the launch of our new products last year (we came out with 3 functional blends and 1 protein slice mix click here to see them) we’ve seen the coolest things being created. One of the most exciting and recent being this gutsy (note the pun) bone broth concentrate by the team at Meadow and Marrow. They’ve incorporated our Light My Fire matcha blend (which works to boost metabolism and includes organic matcha, olive leaf, Siberian ginseng, cinnamon and cayenne pepper) with their signature 100% grass fed beef bone broth concentrate to make the ultimate metabolism boosting bone broth! Click here to check it out!

Know of others that have used our Matcha Maiden organic green tea powder in their products? Shoot us a message and let us know!

We love our Matcha Maiden family so matcha!

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We get it. With all the new health revelations coming through in the last decade, trying to understand what most of them are and what they do seems like a daunting task. Does it even taste good? Is it even going to help me?

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