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Top 5 ways to drink organic matcha

Author: Matcha Maiden
by Matcha Maiden
Posted: Jul 03, 2018
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So you’ve got a bag of our organic matcha and you don’t REALLY know what to do about it. Our organic matcha powder is sourced from Japan and is 100% pure green tea leaves, stone ground into a fine powder. Sounds pretty simple… because it is!

Here are some ways to get started!

1. Straight up

This one’s for the avid matcha drinkers who love the full throttle taste of matcha and green tea. We like to think of it as a ‘straight up’ matcha made simply with just our organic matcha powder and water- which is actually how it was and still is prepared in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. For new-comers to matcha, a straight up matcha might be a little intense so we would recommend to start off with a matcha latte to get the tastebuds use to the taste of matcha.

2. As a latte

This one is the crowd favourite and the one we see made the most! A matcha latte, made right, can turn around a sluggish morning (we think!). It’s less intense in the green tea flavour but also packs a good, milky, nutritional punch! To make a matcha latte at home, simply add ½ teaspoon of our organic matcha powder and enough hot water (not boiling because this will burn it) JUST to dissolve it. Then, add your favourite hot milk and stir through! Add a sweetener if you like- we like rice malt syrup or honey for non-vegans!

3. In a smoothie

Hiding some matcha in your smoothie is a great way of getting the nutritional benefits without the strong green tea taste- especially for those who are brand new to green tea and matcha or for those who want to healthify the family snack game! Our go to green smoothie recipe is;


1/2 banana (frozen bananas make them even creamier)

1 handful of spinach

1 cup of almond milk (or more if needed)

1/2 teaspoon of Matcha Maiden (or one teaspoon if you love matcha as much as we do)

Sprinkle of chia seeds/coconut flakes/other superfoods (optional)

Dollop of honey/coconut nectar (optional)


Put everything in the blender.

Blend and enjoy! SO EASY!

For other recipes using our organic matcha powder, check out our website!

4. In a hot chocolate

Our incredibly Matcha Maiden friends at Long Story Short Café have created the COOLEST matcha white hot chocolate with a white chocolate sphere!! Just like a matcha ice-cream, it’s an amazing indulgent way to get into matcha and without giving up the sweet tooth!

5. Matcha Iced Tea

One of our favourite recipes by our Matcha Maiden mate, Model Turned Cook (you can find the full recipe here ) incorporates the favourite summer fruit, watermelon, with our favourite ingredient ever, our organic matcha powder! It’s naturally sweet and makes the perfect, quick summer concoction!

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