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The secret life of wedding planner

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jun 30, 2018
wedding planner

When we hear about weddings, what comes to our mind is the list of elements that contribute towards building a fine experience for everyone involved; glamour and glitz all around. We think of gourmet food laid out in a fine arrangement, beautiful flower decorations, drinks and appetizers being served gracefully, the gorgeous looking couple, their memories being displayed on a screen and so much more.

All this is really what’s on stage though. The real work happens backstage. The planning, the research, the hunting and the tasting. The real work is actually going on for a long time. Having said all that, ones wedding day can still be quite a stressful affair unless they’ve got an efficient wedding planner who’s ready to take care of all that can go south on the wedding day.

So getting to become the planner and designing this entire would sound quite an interesting and exciting prospect to being with. But there are so many hidden layers to the life of being a wedding planner.To begin with, being a wedding planner as it may sound doesn’t just involve planning. Execution is just as much a part of the process. Even if it might look that your wedding planner is just fleeting across the hall effortlessly, she’s actually running around in sport’s shoes. There are too many places to be at once. The caterer needs you, the flower arrangement needs to be checked, the band needs to know where to set up. You would think that being a perfect planner is all that there is, but trust me, there are quite many last minute jobs that are going to need your attention.

The wedding planner has a different set of roles on a wedding day and otherwise; both being equally challenging. On weekdays usually, a wedding planner can work less number of hours as compared to the weekends when the actual event is. This is quite the opposite of others in a family. This makes balancing the personal life with the professional one really a task.

The wedding planner cannot keep any work lined up for the weekends. That’s when their work gets tougher. So they usually try to get done with all the other jobs over the week.

Every couple is unique, so is every wedding. Each couple goes to the wedding planner with a different set of expectations and also a different budget. Having the right taste and the right contacts becomes very crucial in such a scenario where you don’t know which kind of a wedding you will be planning next.

Weddings have been evolving through time, we are all embracing new ways to celebrate. Our cultures have started to become more open. Marathi weddings now have sangeets and also serve Punjabi food. Keeping up with all these trends is also quite a task.

Imagine you are a wedding planner and the couple wants an aerial photography. You simply cannot tell them that drones never particularly interested you. You will have to understand what needs to be done and coordinate with the photographer.

To end with, I will say that being a wedding planner is no less than being an artist. It requires meticulous planning skills, an amazing presence of mind and a connoisseur’s taste. Each wedding is a blank canvas waiting to be made colorful with your hint of seamless magic.

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Author: Shashank Sharma

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