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What does an event planner bring to the table?

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jun 30, 2018

You have finally proposed to your dream girl, or dream boy. You’re about to get married and you’re thinking, "Phew! The hard part is over. I finally proposed and she (or he) said yes!" boy, you’re about to be surprised big time. The major time-consuming hurdle you’ll face is planning the whole wedding. Guests, food, venue, arrangements, wedding band, appearances, beverages, etc., everything needs to be done well and on time. Seems too much already, doesn’t it? well, there’s even more. I know we all like to do things ourselves but sometimes, a helping hand doesn’t hurt.

When you’re facing the hustle and bustle of planning an event, you will need a professional opinion and a helping hand as well, to help you not only plan the event well but plan it in your own way. This is where the skill set of an event planner comes to play. Not only will it take the stress of planning the event off your head, an event planner will also help you make the event even better. Be it marriages, corporate meetings, functions, parties, engagement parties, or whatever event, having an event planner by your side is the best decision you’ll make.

Who is an Event Planner?

For those of you who aren’t clear with the concept of event planning, an event planner, also called a meeting or convention planner is a professional who coordinates all parts of professional events and meetings. It is usually the work of the event planner to choose locations, arrange proper transportations, send RSVPs, and coordinate all the other details as well.

Now, an event planner may be a professional but why would you need one? An event planner can charge higher and that just means extra money from your pocket. You have enough manpower to handle things yourself. So, why hire someone else? That is because, even though you can get things done by yourself, you will still be nervous if all your planning is up to the mark. An event planner has the professional experience and can make your event a hit, without any kind of nervousness kicking you back.

To help you understand better, here are some of the important things that an event planner brings to the table: –

Their Experience Comes into Play

The first and foremost profit of hiring an event planner is the experience that he or she will bring to the table. Several event planners work for a variety of events year after year, which gives them a different type of experience with each event they work on. When things go wrong, it is the event planner’s job to fix them and make sure your event is successful. When things in an event go right, event planners learn from them and discover ways to make that success happen again. No matter what happens at an event, they learn as they go and can give you the benefit of possessing that experience, so that you can make your upcoming event an instant hit.

They Have Connections

Everybody knows, especially in the corporate world, that with time, comes experience. As a result, with experience comes various connections. As an event planner work in an industry, he or she develops different relationships with producers, suppliers, assistants, and other labor personnel, that non-event planners don’t even have access or know about too often. A lot of times, these relationships are advantageous to you, because an event planner with experience can provide you with lower rates than available to the normal people, top-notch service, and REALLY flexible negotiations, just to name a few of their benefits.

Decisions for the Event’s Venue

When it comes to events, their locations are one of the most important things to discuss and decide. "Is the venue safe in this current weather? Will it too difficult for people to reach there on time? Does the venue fit all the requirements of the client?" – These are just some of the many questions that go through the mind of an event planner before choosing a location for your event. People will little or no experience, like you and me, might just ignore these questions or we might not even think about such hurdles at all. But, an event planner takes everything into account before deciding on an event venue, which ultimately stops us from choosing a seemingly nice, but unsuitable location for our event.

Negotiation Skills

Professional event planners are highly-skilled at negotiating contracts with labor personnel, vendors, producers, and suppliers, which will ultimately ensure that you get the most out of their investments. As I mentioned previously, event planners have a lot of experience, and a part of this is their amazing negotiation skills. Due to their strong purchasing power (that is, the other events they take on, plan, and execute throughout the year), professional event planners have quite the leverage when dealing with vendors, hotels, venue personnel, and other suppliers. If you and me, were to go to a hotel and even try to negotiate a block of 150 rooms, it would be nearly impossible to get the best rate available. However, if an event planner was the case here, he or she would find it very easier to get the best rate. Impressive, to be honest.

Making Your Vision Turn into Reality

When you plan an event, you have a vision how you want it to look finally. Event planners are probably the best at taking your visions and turning them into a reality. They fully utilize their connections, experience, and skills to make it happen, all while they make sure your budget is under control. They put their heart and soul into every project they take up, not only for money, but also because they know that your emotions are attached to the vision that you have.


Finally, the last and most probably, the most significant thing a professional event planner brings to the table is their passion. Their passion is what will make your event stand out because it is a direct result of their hard work and your coordination. Event planning is what their daily bread, it is what they breathe and live every single day of their careers, and almost all event planners in the industry are highly passionate about what the work that they do. This ultimately means success for your next event.

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