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Taste With Culture together as a Traditional Curry- South Indian Sambar

Author: Mathan Babu Mohan
by Mathan Babu Mohan
Posted: Jul 02, 2018
sambar powder

According to the Indian Tradition The Word Taste that always refers the Five sense which helps the Human to detect the Flavor of Six Substances which are classified as Sweet, Bitter,Salt,Sour,Astringent,Pungent.The Six Taste can Fully acquire Themselves in one single Dish in south India, That’s Known as Sambar (or) Champaar.The Sambar in South India which is said to be very Famous all over the World.Where Dhal is Used as a Major source For preparation of the Sambar. The Idly-Vada- Sambar which are said to be best Combo & Most of the South Indian Homes Will Begin their Day with Idly –Sambar. The Dish which explains the Culture & Taste. This Sambar will also add taste for Rice & Dish prepared using Rice. The preparation of Sambar can be Done in Two Different Ways manually by using certain ingredients such as turmeric,dhall,chilly powder etc. but in this modern world preparation of dishes are tends to be simple people also expecting the make of dishes to be simple and tasty with traditional value, That can be prepared by using a mixture of certain substances in powdered Form Called Sambar Powder.The sambar powder which can be added with vegetables which is prepared with some mixture Limit.That add More Taste to Sambar.

Specialty Of Sambar Powder:

The Fine Ingredients which comprises of Spicy Chilli,Toor Dhal,Gram Dhal,Fenugreek with Refined Groundnut Oil Which Makes the Sambar (Dish)as Elegant and delicious,The Elegance of Chilli Which is very Important to the compound Mixture of Sambar powder and which makes the Sambar as a Best Sambar Powder ever.

History of Sambar & Different way of Usage :

The Sambar is Bonded on TamilNadu’s(a state) " Nel Kalanjium" Tanjavur(i.e Rice Bowl of Tami Nadu)There is also am alternate Explanation That the Origin of the Name from the Old Tamil Literature chaampu –"Ground (or) paste",There are two Types of sambar used in traditional way to prepare the dish (i.e) by adding coconut mix or without using it,In some south indian Houses The sambar prepared for The Breakfast is Lightly Heated up in Night time & shredded (or) Diced With vegetables used for the Next Day which is called as "sunda khari" or Poriyal

Traditional Make Of Sambar Powder

In South India Many Industries are Best in Preparation of Sambar powder in their Own style.(i.e) By choosing the best Ingredients from the Farmers Directly and checking the Quality with best quality Team.The Fine Ingredients that always plays an important role in preparation of Sambar powder.

One of the Best Industry & Brand that Prepares the Best Sambar in its own traditional Way Is "ANNAPOORNA" By Sree Annapoorna Foods it’s the Organization that not only Concern about the Taste but also the Traditional Value of the spices delivered To their Consumers.

About the Author

Mathan Babu is an independent writer whose research interests includes spices, and foods He is the Analyzer of the website related to Tasty Food.For Best Blended spices visit Sree Annapoorna Foods

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Author: Mathan Babu Mohan

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