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The Advantage Of SSAW Steel Pipe Compared To LSAW Steel Pipe

Author: Suli Lee
by Suli Lee
Posted: Jul 02, 2018

The ssaw steel pipe has a simple production process, high production efficiency, low cost, and rapid development. The strength of the lsaw steel pipe is generally higher than that of the straight seam welded pipe. A narrower blank can be used to produce a larger diameter pipe, and a blank having a different diameter can be produced from a blank of the same width. However, compared with the straight seam pipe of the same length, the length of the weld seam increases by 30 to 100%, and the production speed is low.

In general, the diameter of the tube can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter, and nominal diameter. The outer diameter of the pipe of the spiral steel pipe is indicated by the letter D, followed by the size and wall thickness of the outer diameter. For example, the seamless pipe with an outer diameter of 108, the wall thickness is 5mm, and is represented by D108*5. The plastic pipe is also With the outer diameter, such as De63, other such as reinforced concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, galvanized pipe, etc., are represented by DN, and the nominal diameter is generally used in the design drawings. The nominal diameter is for convenience of design and manufacture and maintenance. A standard, also known as the nominal diameter, is the specification of the tube (or fitting).

Epoxy coal asphalt paint anticorrosion steel pipe X42N, L485. Natural gas pipelines, spiral welded steel pipe piles, especially with the rapid growth of natural gas demand. During Q345 and L450, the annual SSAW demand for oil and gas pipelines exceeds 5 million tons. Today, the price of spiral steel pipes is affected by the market economy. L245.13PE has a relatively strong anti-corrosion capability, filling domestic demand gaps, spiral steel pipes for sewage treatment, and large diameter thick walls. Spiral tubes are widely used for piling of steel structures.

  1. It is the sewage that does not require high anti-corrosion. The company now has an advanced level of 3PE, and 3 cement mortar corrosion is applicable to sewage pipeline engineering. Also deeply believe in the ability of our country's metallurgical industry.
  2. The length of the pipe is usually 6 to 12m. Length of the fixed length: The length of the fixed length should be within the normal length, and the limit deviation is ±500mm.
  3. In the 100mm length range of the pipe end, the outer diameter of the steel pipe shall not be larger than the nominal outer diameter by 1%, and the minimum outer diameter shall not be smaller than the nominal outer diameter by 1%. Measured with a caliper, bar gauge, or other measuring tool that can measure and minimize outside diameter.
  4. Pipe end of pipe end should be processed groove. The groove angle is 30° and the blunt edge size is 1.6mm±0.8mm. The groove angle was measured on the basis of the vertical axis of the steel tube axis.
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