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What Qualities Should An ICO Community Manager Have

Author: Sujit Kumar Pathak
by Sujit Kumar Pathak
Posted: Jul 03, 2018
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Blockchain has opened up gates to a new quick and easy way to raise funds for business. This has led to an unchecked flood of companies launching their ICOs. These companies are already facing so much competition that they would do almost anything as long as it markets their ICOs. There is hardly any other cost-effective and working way to promote an ICO than blockchain community management.

For ICO companies, it is a common practice to build a community of investors over social media platforms like Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. In ICO, the credibility and strength of a project is judged by the size of its community. The bigger the community, the better. People join such community to support the project and keep up with any updates or announcements. In ICO, only communities free from FUDs, spammers, and scammers thrive and grow. And it requires some serious management to keep an ICO community tidy. So, here are some qualities that an ICO community manager should have:

  1. Knowledgeability: There is no way an ICO community manager can bluff their way through their job. A good community manager should have adequate knowledge of the ICO, the company running the ICO, and all the technical aspects of blockchain technology. Superficial knowledge will not get you far and you will get found out soon. This is why ICO companies prefer to hire professional ICO community management services.
  2. Patience: An ICO community manager deals with questions from all sorts of community members and investors, some of them are more knowledgeable and enthusiastic than others. He/she may have to answer some basic questions, often repetitive, on a regular basis, which can sometimes be frustrating and a test of one's patience. So, being patient is an important quality that an ICO community manager should have.

3. Dedication: Crypto community management is a job that requires your full attention round the clock. A good ICO community manager should have a committed approach.

  1. Communicability: When handling an entire community of thousands of members on Telegram, communicability is a very essential quality. Telegram community management requires conveying the right message to the right people in the right way. It is a job of huge responsibility. So, the ability to communicate is pivotal.
  2. Flexibility: Most ICO community managers are required to perform many tasks, and handle many responsibilities. They may have to post social media posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, write long form content for Quora, and then answer hundreds of questions in community channels. This requires a great deal of flexibility.
  3. Alertness: A major challenge in handling crypto communities is having to deal with fast and bulky crypto news and then posting it in the channel as soon as possible. This requires an ICO community managers to be alert at all times.

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