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Streamline Leave Management With Eilisys’s Ascent Leave Management Software!

Author: Eilisys Eilisys
by Eilisys Eilisys
Posted: Jul 03, 2018

The absence of a leave management system could prove to be a real hassle for the line managers as well the human resources department managing the employee’s leaves and computing the employee’s salary with his/ her leaves. However, amidst all the hassles those confront the departmental managers, the HR department and the organization as a whole, Eilisys, partnering technology, has craftedan appropriate solution in the form of comprehensive leave management system that executes end-to-end leave management. Here’s an article that would interest the ones interested in inducing leave management software in the system.

While the planned leaves yet offer some bandwidth for the HR and the line managers to manage the workaround, the unplanned ones could become a real challenge, making the necessary operational arrangements, let alone the manual calculations required to be done at the end of the month in either of the cases. Over and above, online leave management is another concern that haunts a lot of HR professionals and business owners. A disorganized approach towards leave management creates dissatisfaction amongst the employees, as well the HR professionals that have to compute everything manually, which is cumbersome as well as an additional burden, given the volumes of work already piled up during the month-end.

As a way out of this, Eilisys’s Ascent leave management system is a smart initiative that not only relieves the HR department from transacting with leaves manually but also documents and automates the calculations along with facilitating a platform for theemployees to manage their own leaves. All in all, it streamlines the leave management part. As we proceed, we would look at the several features offered by Eilisys’s Ascent leave management software in India.

Ascent Leave Management Software Delhi| Ascent Leave Management Software Noida | Features

There are several features that simplify leave management and life for the HR professionals as well as the employees of the organization. Here are some of the mentioned below.

  • Highly Customizable: Considering the varying needs of organizations, the customizable feature of this software helps create access for all the employees based on the levels of authority, incorporates almost all the leave rules, incorporates the workflow and the approval hierarchy, and sends automatic email reminders to managers for the pending leave requests in the pipeline.
  • Auto Leave Accruals: While manual leave accruals could require some workaround, automated leave accruals eradicate the need for looking into the concern separately. The system executes auto leave accruals based on seniority, calendar days, physical working days, paid days, and based on the duration of accrual i.e. is whether monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
  • Reporting:The system helps you extract data in the form of reports required to facilitate information to the management and other stakeholders, in the form of Excel or PDF.
  • Actual Calendar View: The software, based on your holiday structure, enables a real-time calendar view, featuring the paid holidays and the leave summary. Besides, it also shows you the monthly staff leave calendar to further facilitate manpower planning.
  • Dashboard View:Provides a comprehensive dashboard view of the entire organization from the management’s perspective.
  • Online Leave Management:Employees can submit leave requests online, and for managers, the system sends auto e-notifications pertaining to leave requests and approver actions. Besides, the system allows you to approve or disapprove leave requests through email as well.

Ascent’s leave management system has an industry-wide application with a lot of renowned companies from varied business areas using this software for comprehensive leave management. Getting the right leave management software on-board is as important as getting the right employees on-board! A professional and end-to-end leave management system could be deemed as one of the factors fostering employee satisfaction to some extent, as well as making life easier for the leave administrators. Visit to request for a demo.

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