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3 Top Reasons to Get Single Trip Holiday Insurance

Author: Lisa Jeeves
by Lisa Jeeves
Posted: Apr 17, 2014

Single trip holiday insurance is a vital purchase for many travellers who intend on just one trip in the foreseeable future. It is ideal for a number of reasons, but, as you would imagine, it isn’t perfect for everyone.

To find out whether you fit the bill or not, consider the following three reasons that make good sense in this situation.

It’s ideal if you know you won’t travel again in the next 12 months

Some people need to get multi-trip coverage because they travel regularly. However, other people know they will only take one journey in a 12-month period and will only need cover for that period of time. If this includes you, considering a single trip holiday insurance policy is the best course of action. You can get exactly what you need for the period of time you need it - job done!

It's cheap

Have you seen the prices for the average single trip holiday insurance policy? While they vary between companies you would be surprised at how low they can be. Of course it makes sense to shop around, and when you do so you will be able to find the best and cheapest policy for your needs.

It certainly doesn’t make much sense to spend more on a policy that will cover you for the entire year if you only need one for a week or two.

It is very versatile

There are almost as many holiday options and destinations to choose from as there are people in the world. The good news is you can get a single trip holiday insurance policy to cover whatever type of break you have in mind.

Some people may be excited to lie on a beach for a fortnight and do little other than read and enjoy the relaxation. Others will be happy only when they book an adventure involving various sports and activities. Still other would rather book a luxury break to a major city with lots of sights and attractions to enjoy.

Regardless of the group you fall into, there is a policy that will cover all the activities (or lack thereof) that you intend to partake of. The most important thing to remember here is to read the small print. You may have to pay slightly more to get a policy that covers extreme sports for example and it just won’t do to get a basic policy and hope it will cover you if you decide to go skydiving. You must ensure you are fully covered for everything you want to do before you leave.

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Insuremore. We provide low cost travel insurance and offer a range of policies including single trip holiday insurance, annual, multi-trip and family cover. For all your travel cover needs, Insuremore can help you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.

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Author: Lisa Jeeves

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